For users in Canada. Eh?
By Haunted_Icebox
Are there any ghostheads around in nearby Toronto or Ontario in general with great props that they'd like to show off on film?

We're looking for local fans who'd like to rent out their replica proton packs, PKE meters, traps or anything else GB related that would be fit the bill.

The rental would be short term, on a few weekends during principal photography in 2014 and can be returned on a day by day basis or at the end of filming. Anything loaned would be guaranteed against damage with a deposit from us while the props are out of your hands and rental fees negotiated. On-screen credit and visiting the set during filming to see your props in action will also be arranged.

If interested or for more information PM me.
By Haunted_Icebox
Thanks for the heads up. I'll check it out. This one is here for the locals who can easily reach Toronto

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