For users in Canada. Eh?
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By PssdffJay

Who is going to go? Myself and my buddy will be there on Sunday. Saturday is sold out already.

But guess who is going to be there on Sunday!!!

Hint, its not Bill or Dan...

By VincentVegaFFF
I wish. The Calgary Con always has a great line up of guests. That Aliens panel would be amazing to attend. I don't imagine Sigourney does too many conventions so its a rare opportunity to see her.
By unit51
I will be there for most of the show helping to man the Southern Alberta LEGO User's Group's (SALUG) display.
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By Nicholszz
Jay didn't mention I'd be there too.
Sigh. I guess I'm not part of the team.
It's cause I don't have my Gizmo or Mt500... ISN'T IT!?
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By PssdffJay
So after a crazy week following the expo and in the middle of a large conference this weekend that is still going on, I was able to reflect on last weekend.

That was my first time at a comic/entertainment expo/convention of any kind as well as the first time dressing up for one. It was massive! I was disappointed on how few costumes I saw, not like what I've seen online from the US cons are like, but the quality of the costumes I saw made up for the quantity. Granted, we went on Sunday and I bet there were more on the other days. I don't know how many people were there but it was packed and pretty tough to walk around. I found that I held onto my trap in my left hand and goggles in my right so I wouldn't knock them into people. It was very cool with how many little kids knew who the ghostbusters are. They were also very polite asking for photos, almost like they were in awe. Micah and I would let them hold our PKE meters for the photos.

Speaking of photos, this was nuts!! I think because of how small the GB scene is here, there was Micah, Sean and myself, and then we ran into Michael later on and 2 other random busters not from gbfans and a steampunk buster, people would line up to get photos of us. We got stuck at one point in front of a big metal wall, that you'll see in the photos, for about 45 minutes when we came in. We would laugh that 3 of us together could usually get through a crowd but as soon as a 4th buster was around, there was no escape from the photos. I can say that we probably had our photos taken a couple hundred times. I would try and get people to come in the photo with us and I would get voluntolds to take our photo. Even gopro people were there and filmed us, still trying to find that one.

I thought we were going to get kicked out for blocking isles and creating a scene, so we did try to navigate to more open areas. 1 person trying to take a photo was ok, but there would be sometimes 10 or more and I would joke about not knowing where to look.

Next post will have some photos. I stopped even having my camera out and these are all photos that Micah or Sean have found online. I have no idea how they find them. I only found 1 or 2.

I already have the dates for next year in my calendar! Going to go more days.
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By Zedd
I had my picture taken with a couple of Ghostbusters I saw there on the Sunday and got a cool RGB print!

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