For users in Canada. Eh?
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By namebrand
Does anyone know if there are any Toronto area theatres playing the remastered Ghostbusters on the 29th? I can't seem to find anything online saying if it is.
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By PssdffJay

Nothing listed on Cineplex for show times yet, but I have been talking to the manager of the Chinook location in Calgary and she says most times she doesn't know unit the Tuesday before. She says because it is on for a week and not a special 1 or 2 shows, it falls into their regular show times. She does think the big 5, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto (Montreal I think was the 5th) should have screenings.

I keep regularly checking this link for updates, and she told me she would call if she finds out sooner. Doesn't help you in Toronto, but maybe you can get a hold of a theater there. We are making an appearance in costume and I already cleared that with the managers. The 501st do it all the time there so they are used to it.
By Mat
According to Cinemaclock, looks like it'll be playing in Kelowna this Friday. I'm crossing my fingers! :mrgreen:

I watched the second one in theaters, but I was born in 84 and missed out on the first one!
By blambo
I've organized a screening at the Colossus theatre in Vaughn for anyone in the area on October 30th. All proceeds are being donated to the SickKids Foundation. Check out for the info and tickets. We're doing 2 shows - 7 and 730. Any help in spreading the word would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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