For users in Canada. Eh?
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By Smeghead
Got excited about meeting some of you lot for a second there.
... Then realised it was the wrong London. :(

(When I was in Toronto last October, and people asked where we were from, I had to keep explaining it was the other London. :P One of the scare actors in the Jack the Ripper maze at Canada's Wonderland refused to believe us, she thought we were mocking her "cockney" accent!)

Oh well, never mind. Have guys. ;)
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By Grimmy GB
Forgot to mention: Our tickets were purchased for Saturday only. The CAD sure is down right now. It worked to our advantage lol.
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By Hoot
Yes those within a few hours drive should definitely take advantage of the low Canadian dollar for a fabulous weekend getaway. We promise parking lot tailgate beers....or ....a few anyhow...
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By Grimmy GB
I just realized that the "purchase" I am talking about above was for Windsor Comic Con. We purchased for the whole weekend. Can't wait to hang again with my homies!
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By pyhasanon
Jealous... I wanna hang with the homies too... You guys always look like you're having a blast!
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By Grimmy GB
Jealous... I wanna hang with the homies too... You guys always look like you're having a blast!
It's non-stop giggling, shenanigans, and child friendly atmospheric fun! We'd love to have you along, Phil!
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By Grimmy GB

So far, the following is attending for sure:

Myself and wife

Hoot and wife and wife #2 (Rawb LOL!)

Riggs45 and wife

Anyone else taking the plunge?
By Dogger
I did get the bug it was a blast and am getting tickets to the forest city comic con next month lol. It was fun seeing ppl smile just asking for a photo with you.... cant wait to keep building my gear to be at the level of you guys. since I got lucky but missed out on building my pack. cant wait to start a trap after Christmas and everything elts.

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