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By Bob Wobbaz
I've just picked up a realistic microphone and I'm perplexed to how I'm going to get the microphones out of the heads and fit the lights. Can anybody give advice on how to get the electronics out?
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By Bob Wobbaz
Thanks for the tip, I assumed as much, just not wanting to damage them in doing so, I really thought all these years that the microphones were metal never knew they were plastic :D
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By Kingpin
A small breakthrough and update on the Compact Giga Meter thanks to Exoray.

In his Giga Meter kit topic, Flynn detailed how to remove the microphone element from the Realistic Microphone heads. With this process laid out with digital photographs, I set to work following his instructions.

I'll have to repeat this process to ensure it'll work the way I think it will, but I believe I've found an even quicker way of extracting the Microphone element. Using a 3/64" miniature screwdriver (or smaller than 2mm for those who don't have such markings on their packs), I poked the screwdriver into the two "nub" holes at the top of the microphone head like so:


After applying a bit of leverage, the microphone element partially popped out (the remainder is easily removable by hand). I then drilled the element housing one one side, and I was able to extract the microphone element from the housing, leaving it free for the lighting that I hope to install:


Hope that helps.
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