By DeLoreanDMC81
Hey everyone! So after my long search for a Redman Scrubber 'n' Buffer, my search finally ended about 2 weeks ago. I was finally able to purchase one!

I had the opportunity about 4 years to get one off of eBay for only $5, but I waited a few seconds longer then I should have and someone else snagged it up. So needless to say I've been searching pretty hardcore since that point for another one. lol

After I received it in the mail I was so excited to play around with it. When taking it out of the box, that it was mailed in, I noticed something interesting, the Buffer still has the original shrink wrap on it, and has never been taken out of its box! It even has the original price sticker on it!!

So this leaves me with a little dilemma, do I take it out of the box or leave it all packaged up, so it will keep its value? What would you boys and girls do?

I was hoping to mold it so I could make my own Giga Meter, but things have definitely changed now.

Decisions, decisions...

Also I've included a few photo's to show it still boxed, and wrapped up after 40 years! :-D. Pretty cool stuff!




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