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By JWils23
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I stumbled across this on YouTube last night. Not sure if it’s been posted or discussed before, but does anyone have any background info on this? It would be cool to see the footage sped up to match the rest of the scene to see how well it really meshes.
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By 910dohead
Yeah, this comes from the ShoWest tape found at auction I believe. You can see the entire unedited ShoWest presentation at the Spook Central site. While it's on the blu-ray, it's heavily edited. A few other cool things that come from that video is you get to hear the unreleased Hughes and Thrall song (not the same song heard in the teaser trailer) as well as hearing Dan Aykroyd drop the F-bomb. You can thank Zed Richards and Derek Osborn for their work on finding and restoring this.

https://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral ... lu-ray-set
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By JWils23
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Very cool! Thank you for sharing that link, I hadn't seen the unedited version of the ShoWest footage. I'm glad stuff like this is out there and that people are restoring it, gives a very cool take on the movie!
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