Write a quick introduction to introduce yourself.
By WorldofthePsychic
I figured I should make the formal introduction. Greetings from Nashville, TN fellow Ghostbusters! I've been using the forum for reference for years now, so I (finally) decided to join. This past month I've been using it to make the best decisions in (finally) preparing my uniform and load out. This site was very helpful when modding my Spirit pack, deciding what flight suit to purchase, and just general tidbits. Now that my load out is complete, or at least purchased, I felt the strong urge to join up. A big shout out to my fellow Ghostbusters that sell 3D printed mods on Ebay by the way! To my Nashville brothers and sisters in arms, I try to have a Ghostbusters board game night as often as possible and always looking for new players. But anyway, glad to be here and looking forward to the times that come. "Next week though..... Hairless pets. Weird. Until then this is Pete Venkman saying......."

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