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By DustFilms
Hi, this is my first time posting! I don't want this to seem like random spam but I wanted to share my fan video with all of you (whom I feel will appreciate it the most!)

First here's the video! http://youtu.be/RbbTBfhIMAk?hd=1

I actually built the proton pack myself 4 years ago for halloween with help from these message boards! It took about a month all from misc parts and thrift store finds (and a couple trips to Home Depot) and the information on this site was invaluable! So thank you all for that! (You can see the progress of the build here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= ... c38384adbe

The costume has been a hit at many halloween parties, but since I make lots of comedy videos I've always wanted to feature it in a video! So I finally did it! You may also be interested to know that I know have one pack and outfit so the shots where there are more than one person wearing it are composites! Incredibly painstaking, but hey I only had one costume!

Sorry for the super long post, hope you all enjoy the video. Please share it with your friends!!
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By TAPS_Family_Anthony
Hey there! Great looking pack and excellent work on it!

Just an FYI though there is a section on the forums for Fan Videos too! :)
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By DustFilms
Thanks! Oh shoot, there is? I tried looking for one.

Uhh, ,would it be lame to repost this there now or should I just leave it alone? I don't want to be annoying.
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By TAPS_Family_Anthony
LOL its okay. the forums can be a big place and i hope to see you on with the rest of us more! :)

You can either leave it or ask a moderator to move it for ya :)
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By DustFilms
Yes, if any mod would like to move it for me that would be great! Rather that posting a duplicate.

I just wanted to show off my handi-work that came from a lot of the info on this site as well as let true GB fans enjoy the video!

BTW since I only created one pack and suit the shots where multiple people are wearing it are composites! If only I knew more people in person with suits I would've loved to have you guys in the video instead!!
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By DustFilms
Aw, I just discovered that the "gbfans" twitter account tweeted the unofficial version of my video on Halloween, not mine :( I'm happy they supported it, but sad I didn't get the credit or the views.
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By TobyMobias
Well that was...surprisingly cruel.

It's weird to expect a fun Ghostbusters romp and get a suicide plus eternal damnation in the containment unit, full of ghosts she herself probably helped catch.

It wasn't BAD, just a downer. Pretty well shot, though.
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By TAPS_Family_Anthony
Suicide is a hard topic to express in the Ghostbusters universe but sadly it probably does "exist" as many ghosts are the result of a suicide in legend and lore. The suicides that we have seen so far in Ghostbusters are fairly limited and are usually, oddly, placed into a comedic context, such as Morguncher from the video game who purposefully ate himself to death but even then, its a tad creepy when you consider the undertones. Ghostbusters, without the comedy aspects, would be surprisingly scary. Its only how they approach the paranorrmal that makes it funny.
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