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By TobyMobias

Everyone knows who to call when something strange is in their neighborhood, but when they aren't around, who ya gonna call now?

When the professional paranormal eliminators disappear under mysterious circumstances, rookie Willis "Doc" Campbell assembles his friends to act as protectors of their town of Latham Falls. Can they get over their differences long enough to save the city from sinister spooks? Or will they be unable to rise to the challenge?

Ghostbusters Advanced is a thing I started writing way back during my junior year of high school, but only recently set about doing. After two decades of fanfilms, parodies, and, of course, fanfiction, I noticed no one had tried their hand at an audio drama/radioplay. Why is this? Quite possibly because no one thought an action-oriented property like Ghostbusters would be suited for the medium, when it's quite the opposite.

People tend to forget that the original film wasn't just Venkman, Spengler, Stantz, and Zeddemore blasting and snatching ghosts. It played out like a mystery, with the boys in gray as the detectives. They took evidence (slime samples), gathered data (their experiences with the possessed Dana and Louis), and did research (using, amongst other sources, the oft-referenced Tobin's Spirit Guide). Eventually, they figured out what was causing the rise in paranormal activity (the coming of Gozer) and put a stop to it.

Thus, such a discussion and dialogue heavy series is ripe for the radioplay treatment. Now, onwards to the part all you dramatic types were waiting for: character descriptions so that you might audition.
Willis "Doc" Campbell - Male, Age 20. The only 'official' Ghostbuster, and therefore the defacto leader. Until the incident, Willis was but a humble parapsychology student, hoping to one day receive his doctorate and open a franchise of his own. However, that day came about ten-to-twenty years ahead of schedule when he suddenly became the only member of the Latham Falls Ghostbusters to not be either lost in a parallel dimension or perhaps deceased. Calling upon friends and acquaintances for assistance, Campbell leads this crew of young adults into the world of the paranormal, and hoping they make it home in one piece.
Someone playing this character should be, overall, calm and aware of their surroundings, but never sedated, and occasionally nervous. Doc knows how to take charge when required, and can be quite firm when he needs to delegate responsibility. The character, being the knower of the paranormal, should be comfortable indulging in techno- and psychobabble.

Ted Millar - Male, Age 21. Unlikely friend to Doc and the resident motorhead who keeps their emergency response vehicle, the Ecto 2-B, in passable condition. Ted's the anomaly of the group: the very definition of 'a good ole boy' who looks more at home sitting in a truck's tailgate during a NASCAR race. However, past his Georgian drawl and ignorant demeanor lies one hell of a gearhead. After aiding Doc in his mission, he offered up his van to become the temporary transport of the LFGB, dubbed the Ecto 2-B. Ted is known to be quite protective of his van, and those who are smart would do well to remember the fact. In addition, Ted is quite handy with a proton thrower, having an ease to his aim that few Ghostbusters manage, even the so-called pros.
Ted is a big ol' Georgia boy who, despite leaving the mountains, never quite let the mountains get out of him. He's a bit slow on the uptake, but is kind enough and, when it comes to cars, really knows his stuff. Prepare for a lot of shop talk.

Anna Knight - Female, Age 20. The group's only female on active 'busting duty, Anna is well-versed in the designs pioneered by Drs. Venkman, Stantz, and Spengler back in '84. While Doc is more about history and behavior of spooks, Anna knows how to shove them in a small box using beams of light, which is an equally desirable skill. As such, Anna is often referred to by her position moniker as "Trap Master". She is the only person who lives at the LFGB firehouse, having been evicted from her apartment.
Anna is one of the three people who really needs to be comfortable with technobabble, the others being Doc and Mathers. She is, overall, a cool-headed chick who could be happy sipping coffee and reading a book or listening to house music as she repairs equipment.

Trey Mathers - Male, Age 22. The eldest of the group, Trey can be rather irascible, especially when his teammates come snooping into his lab, disturbing his equipment. Mathers, the team's chief engineer, is in charge of both developing new devices to fight and capture ghosts, and monitoring their large containment unit. As such, he tends to work the most with Doc and Anna, but gets along with everyone the same way: poorly. While brilliant and rightfully proud of his work, he can also be rather lazy and hard to convince/motivate.
Imagine Doctor McCoy as a college student with a dash of Gregory House, and you have a slight clue as to how Mathers behaves. Again, he speaks in technobabble half the time, and has the belief that if you don't understand it, you don't deserve a translation. He's quick to dismiss what he feels as stupidity, to the point where it can blind him to solutions staring him in the face.

Bertrand "Bat" Hicks - Male, Age 20. Bat is both the group's best asset and biggest liability. The attention-loving life of every party, Bat is considered the face of the Latham Falls division, and appears most often during news spots regarding the team. While he can flawlessly recite data and statistics given to him by Doc and Anna, he doesn't fully understand them. However, he is also gifted with software, creating the electronic ghost catalog used by his crew to classify the spectres they face.
Obnoxious, charming, irksome, and fun are a few of the words that encapsulate Bat Hicks. Much like how Dr. Venkman was described in the first Ghostbusters film, he seems to look at his chosen field as 'some kind of dodge or hustle'. While he doesn't take his duties as a 'buster too seriously, he will lend a hand when he either feels threatened, or when he knows that he must. He's ultimately a good person, but it's being suffocated by his massive ego.

Liz Kim - Female, Age...mid-twenties. Liz is one of those people who enjoys withholding and hoarding information, and being the LFGB's receptionist/secretary, this isn't a particularly good quality. She seems to get along well enough with everyone, but even Ted knows there's something off about her sometimes. She can be rather secretive, to the point where her age is something of a firehouse mystery. However, she is quite helpful when requested, and carries an eight-shot proton revolver in her desk in case of an emergency.
A person playing the role of Ms. Kim would have to walk that line between a bubbly receptionist like you'd see in a sitcom and the snarky Janine Melnitz from the GB franchise.

Mayor Dave Rhodes - Male, Age 50-55. David H. Rhodes, a land developer and philanthropist, is the recently-elected mayor of Latham Falls, and has promised his town an age of peace and prosperity. However, due to the fact the previous Ghostbusters up and disappeared without a trace, leaving their business in the hands of several untested rookies, this will be much easier said than done. While he doesn't hate the LFGB per se, he doesn't much like them either, as they are, in his mind, solely responsible for destroying entire chunks of the city in their escapades. Unfortunately for him, the EPA and other government agencies will only pay so much to repair and replace it.
While not evil or a Walter Peck level bully, Rhodes is the central authority figure that the rookies must deal with who regularly kinks their plans. While ghosts are a known public fact, it doesn't make the task of cleaning up after their escapades any easier for the city. For the most part, however, Mayor Dave and the Ghostbusters leave each other alone, one only bothering the other for an urgent matter.
A script sample with the lines from the cast can be found here for your use in auditioning. It gives away little of the plot, and I think I picked out the best scenes for each character. Now, before you go off to record, there are a couple things you should be aware of.
  1. You should have a decent mic: though this is just an audition, recording it on your phone or iPod doesn't really help me pin down if your voice is right for the character I'm seeing in my head. Please gain access to a decent quality mike or do not bother trying out.
  2. Skype is a must: Most of you have it, and that's great. For those who don't but are interested in being a part of this, get it. Script read-through will occur on Skype, much like the table read for any performance, be it TV or a stage show. These reads will be recorded for posterity and possibly to use as bloopers for the final product. I would also prefer to use Skype as a 'studio' to have actors record scenes together. I feel it adds to the illusion that the characters are inside the same room during the scene.
  3. The final product is approved by me: This is something that happens in the world of acting, film especially. Occasionally a director/editor will use a take that the actor didn't like and will request to have it changed. However, if this is what the director prefers, the actor should acquiesce to his/her choice. It is their vision. While I will ask you which take you prefer from a series of readings, but I ultimately have final say.
  4. Acting experience is a major, major plus: Even if you've never acted outside of your high school drama class, that is still experience. If you know the fundamentals of acting and don't mind being coached by someone who is probably younger than you but has studied the field his entire life (that's me), you are more than welcome to audition. Never acted in your life but think you might be good at it? You're free to send in an audition, but the odds aren't in your favor. Don't get me wrong; some people just have a knack for it, and there are people in multi-million dollar films who can't act their way out of a bubble (lookin' at you, Megan Fox). If you have the right sound and talent, you will be seriously considered.
  5. This is not a paid job: I do not have the funds needed to pay a whole troupe of voice actors for this series (and it is a series; hopefully at least 15 episodes completing one season of material), especially when my own self is running out of living money. This is something I am doing purely as a hobby, and to test my mettle as an audio editor. However, this will look good on a voice acting resume, should you pursue that field.
In addition, I am also seeking relatively skilled artists and writers to assist in this project. Both will be required to present examples of their work. Artists will be used mainly for character and creature designs, while writers will assist me in editing scripts for episodes, including 'punching up' jokes and dialogue.

So, everybody got that? Good. Alright. I await your voice, writing, & art tests. You can email them to me at this address, putting "Ghostbusters Advanced" in the subject line. I will accept attached files, SoundCloud links, YouTube videos, DeviantART samples, whatever. Also, if auditioning for a voice role, please list who you are auditioning for or a list of characters you feel suited for in the email, along with a little bit about your acting history (where applicable). If auditioning for a position on the creative team (writing, art, etc), samples of your work are mandatory and a list of your other projects is helpful if possible.

Hope to see a some of you join me!
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By TobyMobias
It's funny you mention it actually! A couple months ago I was inspired to try the project again now that I have better equipment and more experience.

I am still looking for auditions until this Friday; I was going to end it today, but I found some new avenues in which to find talent, and thought I'd give them a fighting chance!

New roles added to the Audition page on Casting Call Club; for every Ghostbusters team, there has to be some oversight, right? :walterpeck:

Thanks to the awesome Julia Gervase, we now also have an idea of what the cast looks like.
Click for the large version.

We are also still looking for writers; feel free to private message me. Experience writing for audiodrama or film is a plus, and there will be more roles added soon!

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