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By MonkeyPunchBaby
I am working on my story, I had have this idea for years, to film soon. Its not going to be a well made film, I'm making it in a very weird style, but I am hoping my story is enough to get people excited and behind the idea. I am looking for someone to help me flesh out some ideas and get feedback from another serious fan. I'm assuming it won't be hard to find someone on here who has a similar sense of humor and respect for the franchise as I do, so it should be an easy and fun project. I don't want to put too much of my idea out there yet, at least not until I have it all worked out and ready to shoot. So please PM me if you're interested in helping. We would do our work via Skype or Facebook. Would anyone be interested in this? Thank you for your time. I already have the story completely worked out, but of course I think its great since I came up with it, but would like feedback.
By Zeddemore1987
Hey MPB, I too have an idea, mine is a Ghostbusters fan series on like YouTube or a similar platform. I'm thinking maybe are ideas maybe similar or at least have similar ideas.

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