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By Nboucher2392
So I started to write a GB story from the view of a rookie. Here is what i have written so far.

Chapter One: Who ya gonna call?

“We’re the Ghostbuster!”

That’s when it all went to hell.

Chapter Two: The First Case

You never really know what kind of person you are until you are faced with a situation that you know won’t end well at all. That is when you realize that you are more than just the job. More than just a person and more than just a “Rookie”.

Let me begin to tell you how we got to this point. It started when I took the job.

“Do you believe in UFOs, astral projections, mental telepathy, ESP, clairvoyance, spirit photography, telekinetic movement, full trance mediums, the Loch Ness Monster and the theory of Atlantis?” asked Janine.

“Joking right?”

“No sir, we don’t joke when it comes to the unknown, plus they don’t pay me enough to have a sense of humor,” retorted Janine.

“Then I guess I do then.”

“Oh, one more question, Dr. Venkman would like to know if you believe in Unions?”

“Not a fan…” I started to say when I heard this voice come office behind Janine’s desk yell “HIRE HIM!”

It would be my first meeting with the smart ass of New York, Dr. Peter Venkman. Oh he would kill me if I didn’t mention that he holds a degree in Psychology and Parapsychology with a minor in the field of Female Attraction.

“Well it seems that the rest of the interview is not needed. Welcome aboard. Your medical and dental doesn’t start up for 6 months, but knowing how this job goes, you won’t need it.” Janine sarcastically stated to me.

“Why is that?” I asked her.

“Just the nature of the job, you know with those demi gods and evil entities that are always trying to destroy the world or bring forth the apocalypse.” Quipped Dr. Ray Stantz. “But don’t worry, its only like that every once in a while. Mostly it’s poltergeists and repeaters.”

“Dr. Stantz, I would like to introduce you to our newest employee. Mr. B..” began Janine before Venkman butted in with, “The Rookie. You don’t get a name until you make it through the first case without blowing yourself up.”

Not what I was expecting for a first day introduction, but it was cool. I knew being the “Rookie” that I would have to go through some initiation rights or something before I was accepted as being part of the group. My previous line of employment was like that. I had served in the military before applying for this job so I knew that I would have to do something amazing, like save the world, before these guys would go easy on me. If someone would have told me that morning before the interview that is exactly what would happen then I would have just stayed in bed and watched some Dr. Who.

The first couple of days Dr. Stantz, Ray, showed me how to maintain the equipment and how the containment unit worked. I think I filled 3 or 4 notebooks with notes those first couple of days. I didn’t get to meet the 3rd member to the group for about a week after starting. Dr. Egon Spangler. This man makes me feel like I am nothing more than a single cell organism on the bottom of a swamp bed when it comes to intelligence. Turned out the reason I had not seen him those first few days was due to an experiment he was conducting on the effects of long term exposure to ectoplasm. If you don’t know what ectoplasm is, just think of that slimy stuff that makes up slugs and you get the picture. Well the experiment he was doing involved in sitting in a tub of it for several hours a day, only to get out to use the restroom. Yeah, not my idea of a fun time, but he seems to be the kind of guy that can take a situation like that and make it useful.

“Ray, my results are quite remarkable in the continued exposure to large amounts of ectoplasm on the human body.” Egon began.

“What were the results? I am curious considering that one time we took a swim in it.” Asked Ray.

They discussed the results for over an hour and from what I could understand, the stuff not only made you feel weird but also messed with your motor skills a bit as well. From what Egon was saying, the time he spent in the goo, he felt his emotional range very drastically depending on what he would think about. On top of that, he said that the time he would get out to relieve himself, it was like the feeling of being intoxicated but without the impaired vision or the being drunk part. The rest I didn’t really understand to well, but from what I gathered that stuff is something you don’t want to be messing with more than you need to.

The first case I got to go on was with the 4th member of the team. Winston Zedemore. Not a Dr., but still a smart man. He is on his last year of Law School and this is his day job. He is kind of an odd combo, a soon to be lawyer with a positron collider. Still though, he is one of the pretty normal people you get to work with in the job.

Back to that first case, it was a routine haunting, routine at least according to Winston. It was just another one of those “Free Roaming Vapors.” I had a pretty good idea of what to expect, since this was something that Dr. Venkman would talk about emphatically if you mentioned anything about having contact with a ghost.

My job was to follow his lead and assist in the trapping of the ghost. Pretty much the only thing a “Rookie” gets to do on his first few cases. That and I get the joys of testing out the new, possibly highly dangerous equipment.

“I got a pretty good reading on the PKE of this thing,” Said Winston.

“How bad do you think this thing is,” I began to ask, “cause I’ve personally have never seen a ghost.”

“A class three? Hmmm expect to have to get your uniform dry cleaned after this. I will give you a card to the guys I go to. The only guys in town that can get mustard stain out as well as the nastiest slime you can imagine.” Winston commented.

“Thanks. I apprecia…..,” I started to say just as a lamp flew at my head from across the room.

“Oh yeah, I forget to tell you, things like that happen a lot on the job.”

“Thanks for the heads up.” I said.

Right then I got my first chance to see what the other side looked like, as a pudgy, big eyed, mass of translucent purple slime came through the wall. It had the shape of what Danny DeVito would like look if you took away his arms and legs, replaced them with tentacles and moved his head to his belly button. Oh and if he projectile slime vomit. The dry cleaners that he mentioned to me earlier, well let me just say that I could have paid a month’s rent for what my bill came out to.
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By Spengs Chick
So far, I like!
Keep goin'.
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By Red62
That's probably the shortest first chapter I've ever read- even my prologues are longer! Oh well, still pretty good. Where's more?
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By Spengler02
Can someone crop a clip for me of Zoidberg screaming "MORE!!!" after eating the anchovies in the episode Fry finds out he's a billionaire, because that's exactly how I feel right now. But seriously, keep writing!

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