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By TeeJayVelorian
Ive been working on my own fan fic lately and i really like the idea. If it were to be a 3rd movie i think it would make the perfect fresh new chapter for a new franchise.

The Ghostbusters yet again have lost their titles as Paranormal Eliminators from the city of New York due to the possible theory of "Before the Ghostbusters opened for business, this city has never had a problem or any kind of supernatural threat." So they close the business and even ban the Ghostbusters from any type of work in the Paranormal field as they consider it a possible threat. The firehouse is closed and the equipment is disassembled by national security. (or is it??)

Cut years later to todays time. Ray and Egon are professors in a college in the up-state New York area. Peter and Winston have gone off to their own careers. Winston working in office in the state of Michigan, and Peter moved to France with Dana. (when Ray is asked about Peter, Ray simply answers "Im not sure, we were supposed to meet for lunch a few times, but he never called me back")
A new threat comes to New York being summoned by a practice of old English witchcraft from an old mysterious woman who never shows her face behind a cloak. This new threat causes it to Rain in the city and most of the New York and New Jersey area. The rain which lands on whomever is outside and is wet, causes them to have frightening nightmares when they sleep that night. So bad to the point were everyone is paranoid and unsettled during the day, causing fights, traffic jams, accident, and tons of Negative energy to flow through the city. Ray falls victim to this even as well, causing him to have serious nightmares from his past as a Ghostbuster and much more. Ray being unstable and to the point of almost insane, He begins work as a Paranormal Researcher once again. He find clues and information online about "Black Rain" being a spell placed from the God of Dreams.
Meanwhile Ray's finest student Kylie Griffin begins noticing Ray's unstable behavior and being he cannot focus to teach his class she is worried. She than helps Ray, as Egon also joins the help worried for his long time friend. Egon and Kylie begin their work on discovering the cause of the issue and the massive threat the city has. So what is one way to show security and hope and belief in a Paranormal threat stronger than ever???? Recruit the new Ghostbusters.
All Being friends of friends hand picked by Kylie and Egon from Ray's class who show much interest and skill on a Ghostbuster.

A wanna be Firefighter. Has always studied to become a firefighter to help others but has always failed the application to the academy year after year. Joined Ray's class for that "Easy A". (A real smartass, not afraid of anything. Master of wisecracks)

--James "Cowboy"--
Raised on a ranch in Colorado training bulls and horses. Misses the rush of lassoing cattle from the country side since his family shipped him off to study in New York's finest school (Not much of a thinker, Never forgets his Cowboy hat)

A technological obsessed nerd. Builds any type of computer or electrical device from a house hold item. Enjoys the science and reality side of theories and myths. A big gamer and easily afraid of anything.

--Kylie Griffin--
Same as the Kylie we've always known in the Extreme cartoons and Comics... only as Ray's finest student, studied every book Ray has wrote and looks to him as an idol. She's obsessed with the Paranormal and writes on her largely followed Blog "Para-web.com".

The new Ghostbusters then are trained by Egon and become pros at catching ghosts not long. But their lack of teamwork and leadership seems to be their weakness in most of the problems. Being they cant go public with it as its banned from New York, Kylie uses Facebook to get their calls instantly creating a Ghostbusters page.
But soon their ego building comes to a rapid stop as their lack of teamwork during a fast-pace chase with a giant 50-foot tall monster made out of Billboards and signs from Time Square. The Ecto1 is crashed and flown airborne as it lands on its side in the middle of the road. Than destroyed by the sign monster. This witnessed by the public eye causes the negative energy to shoot through the roof in the city as its recorded by cellphone videos and posted on Youtube. The Ghostbusters are then arrest holding illegal nuclear equipment and a possible terrorist threat.

The Ghostbusters feeling guilty of what happened and as they watch the city tear itself apart from inside a jail cell they come together to learn what Teamwork really means and how important it is. Having the "We're everyone's last hope for any savor. We're the only ones people can look up to and count on... so we should start giving the city what it deserves and what it needs" speech. The police station is ripped apart by the massive PKE spike causing physical harm to the building. The Ghostbusters climb out of the building and get to work. They return to their makeshift HQ and Dex mentions "Ray and I made some changes to his car... we were waiting till Xmas to show ya guys". Opens a garage with a newly built white SUV Ecto moblie named "Ecto5". The Ghostbusters than drive into the city full of riots and madness. They reach Times Square as they battle and fight off their main Enemy in a full long epic fight.

And traditionally after the fight all becomes normal again. The Ghostbusters than grant the key of the city, and they city donates the old Firehouse with a brand new Ghostbusters logo sign on the front of it. Ray and Egon standing in the garage bay doors looking into the building remember the good times. They than talk about retirement and not being able to keep up with the "kids" for long. but Ray giving it the "We're not on E yet Speng...We got a couple more years in this old dog". They are than interrupted by a loud growling behind them outside as they turn, a bigger, fatter, and uglier Slimer comes speeding down the street at them screaming. Once Slimer comes close to Ray and Egon, Kylie and the other 3 step infront of Ray and Egon and blast Slimer with Proton Streams.

The End.

Let me know what ya guys think, shame i cant actually post the full story and the great scenes i had written and even the comedy factor of it all... soooo yeah.
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By Kingpin
Why aren't you able to post the actual story?

Having read your synopsis, it seems to cherry pick a lot of plot points from Ghostbusters II and Extreme Ghostbusters and in doing so... doesn't really come off as being all that original.

Having the Ghostbusters shut down at the start of the story allows for the triumphant return, which I can understand the appeal of, but as we've had one movie already open like that as well as one cartoon, it's not that fresh a concept anymore.

Following on we're then given the "students being taught by one of the Ghostbusters" angle from Extreme Ghostbusters, which even features one of the XGB characters, but with three others who appear to be a mix of the characters from Aykroyd's script that was previewed by ProtonCharging.com, and some of the characters from Universal's stage show with Beetlejuice.

My suggestion would be to keep working at it, and try borrow less from stuff we've already seen in officially-licenced continuations of the Ghostbusters franchise. :)
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