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By CharlieWood
My Ghostbusters 3 script is now available to read online or download. You can read it here:


This is the same story as my Ghostbusters 3 novel, just in screenplay format (it was actually written as a screenplay first.)

Here's one of my favorite parts:

Oscar crosses to a locker and opens it. Inside is a PROTON PACK and a JUMPSUIT. He turns to the others with a smile.

I don’t know, guys, what do you think?

I have always wanted to try this stuff.

Yeah, operative word “try,” Karrie. We don’t know how to use that stuff! We could get killed! And I don’t wanna get myself killed.

Look, my step-dad isn’t around to take care of it. I’ve been trying to call him all day, but he doesn’t answer. Who else can take care of it?

Christine thinks.

Ya know, I think he’s right. You must have some idea of how to use that stuff?

I’ve seen them use it once or twice, but I’ve never done it myself.

Well, if you three are gonna figure out what is wrong with us and get your friends back, you’re gonna havta do something.

But what, exactly? And how would we get all this stuff to the Sedgewick Hotel?

Mike walks to a nearby vehicle covered by a blue tarp. He pulls the tarp off, revealing ECTO-1, the Ghostbusters’ emergency vehicle.

Oscar smiles.

Oh, hell yeah.
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By LandoSystem
FYI CharlieWood some sony emails are on wikileaks and some execs mock you by saying they want to have a dramatic reading of your anti-girlbuster tweets.

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