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This is a crossover story based in the Protonix Universe that was when I was first getting the whole story line set up. This was the first story that came to mind and I had the 'If I don't do this now, I won't be able to later' kind of thought. Because of this being the First it does have its weak points and you might when to go to the other forum to better understand somethings. This will have large amount of nods from all forms of GB and so forth.

The story takes place in 2019, one year after the official story, Infestation. And is crossed over with the Legend of Spyro (Spyro the Dragon Franchise) game trilogy that is set a disclosed amount of years after the games. This holds out of context story telling at times, lots of slime, shipping of characters people might not agree with, A Lot of busting. Oh, did I also mention lots of slime. No? Alright than.

(This might confuse some if that haven't played the Spyro games. First and Second chapters are merged.)

Summary: A body Dies, but a Soul lives. Years after Malefor's defeat, Avalar has been at complete peace. But when the toxic substance of Black Slime invades the land, its up to the dragons and a extreme team of 8 humans with powerful technology and skills to discover the source of the slime and save everyone from a Paranormal Armageddon. So the question now is, Who They Gonna Call?

Chapter 1: Rise of the Slime

Arch 1/3: The Call

Warfang, sometime after Malefor's defeat.

As the night began to cover the lands, two figures flew across the star covered sky.

"Come on, Cynder! I want to meet them earlier!" yelled a purple and orange dragon.

Quickly a black mass zipped by, Turning to show its deep red eyes.
"Nope." She yells back. As Cynder speeds ahead, Spyro quickly surges forward.

The two young dragons weaved about in the air. The wind rushing past their wings like the freedom and joy they've fought for. It had been some time after the events that changed their lives. And for months they have lived in peace. The two legendaries had grown close together, watching each other's backs. But today, or tonight, they were on route to meet with the Guardians, Terrador, Volteer and Cyril. They had left earlier in the day to investigate a disturbance near the edge of the mountains. And to have to call in for their aid made it more interesting.

"So what do you think they found?" Spyro asks to Cynder who was just inches away.

"Don't know. Maybe it has something to do with us and they went ahead to check."

Shrugging at the thought of the idea they continued on towards the location. It didn't take long before a large clearing in the trees came to view. Near the edge was the mouth of a large cave. Swooping down the two skid to a stop. Heading towards the cave 3 large figures came to view. Walking up to them was a 3 large green, yellow and blue dragons that stood five times taller.

"Spyro, Cynder." Terrador greets as the others walk up beside the green Earth guardian.

"So what's the issue out here guys?"

Spyro's question was only answered by the nervous looks on the 3 giants faces.

"Follow us." The Ice dragon starts heading into the cave. Followed by the others. Due to their size the younger dragons zipped by then and ahead to Cyril. They didn't have to go far until they were meet with a large crystal that stood idly on the middle of the path.

"Strange, it moved closer." Terrador looks behind the massive red and black gem. But instead of a glass light look that all crystals have this had a texture that could be similar to water frozen in time.

"A dark crystal?" Spyro asks narrowing his eyes at it.

"You could say that but," Terrador picks up a loose rock by his feet. Throwing it dead center to the shard. Instead of cracking or bouncing off, the rock quickly got swallowed up.

'these are the ones…' a cold hard voice echoed from the crystal.

"Did it just talk?" Cynder asks with wide eyes.

"Yes," Cyril responds walking closer. "It was when we first came here. And when we made attempts in making contact."

"And since you two have dealt with this kind before, we wanted your thoughts." Terrador adds as Volteer nods in agreement.

Look to each other, the purple and Black dragons walk up to the large crystal.

"This is something different compared to the dark crystals we've seen." Cynder says placing a claw the surface.

"You think breaking it will work again?"

Spyro steps back some to take a ready stance. Pacing back over to them Cynder and the others watch as the drake builds up a large fire ball.

Growing in size he lets out the beam at the crystal. After learning more about his powers he had managed to focus different forces when firing. Letting out as much power as possible to break it.

Slowly he lets up as the smoke cleared. The crystal had crack under the blast's force. Little bursts of red energy escaped.

"What's it doing?" Cyril asks as the crystal began to deform. The large chunk particularly liquefies as it forms a large of a black and red blob of goo on the ground.

The goo soon began to become solid again. Growing bigger as it rises. One part reaches out as a four limb claw smashes to the ground.

Quickly the entire mass of slime grows in size as another arm grips the stone floor. A large open rips just above its chest as rows of deadly sharp teeth form.

(Black Slime Screech)

The monster stood there. If it had eyes it would be looking straight at them. The beast stood tall enough to be leveled with the Guardian's chins.

"By the ancestors…" Terrador mutters at the sight. The monster turns towards the dragons, a grin that would scare anyone forms.

Letting out another roar it charges forward. Acting quickly Spyro lets out a blast of fire breath. The monster only pauses for a moment till it continued.

Jumping out of the way it brings both its claws down. Cracking the stone floor. Terrador takes the chance as he slams his own front claws to the ground. Rippling through the cave.

The force shakes several large spikes from the roof to break off. Some directly impacting the creature. But to his shock the beast continues dashing forward, not even affected.

"What the-"

He was cut off by a blast of ice that Cyril had unleashed. This made the monster skid to a halt. Rearing back it roared, launching for a stream of slime from its maw. The stream hit dead center with ice breath. Instead of freezing the blob only continued to grow and grow. Like it was feeding on the ice. The effect was soon apparent as the monster began to rise. Growing past the height of all 3 Guardians.

Pouring more into the power, Volteer takes his shot, Impacting its left arm. The monster roars in what could be considered pain as the lightning and ice fought against it. It brought its arm up to shield the ice as it reached its right claw into its side.

Pulling from its mass the length of a large rusty chain and hook wrapped around its body and arms. Swinging back the chain flies up into the air as it grabs the hook. Chucking it towards the ice dragon.

Cyril dodges the hook as whips around, like it had a mind of its own choosing it's target. In the result the hook wraps around Terrador's right side. Cutting away the scales with little difficulty. Dragging the hook back the monster pulls it into its palm. Letting the metal sink into the goo.

Falling into its claws the creature lurches forward. Letting out a large plume of slime in its path. It easily covered most of the cave floor, forcing the group to back further out.

Taken a chance, Terrador whips his tail across the archway of the cave's entrance. Stepping back as Cyril quickly froze over the rock.

"That should by us some time."

But the moment was short lived as chunks of rock and ice shard, followed by a Earth cracking shake. Another it came through, causing heavy cracks to rip.

Than nothing.

No sound, smashing for anything. Not even the forest around them had made a noise.

The cave explosives open. Sending shards of stone, ice and Slime everywhere as they are knocked back. Roaring in the same manner it dashes towards the fallen dragons. Spyro and Cynder had just seconds before it smashed down. Turning to them it let out a different toned roar. This one sounded like it was reaching its level of tolerance to them. It spewed another line as it charged towards them. Spyro had one idea.


Spreading his wings Spyro pushes off the ground, into the air just as another ball of slime impacts the area. Quickly everyone follows closely as they rapidly flew out of the cave entrance. The monster tries to follow but only lets out one final roar.

The Temple, Sometime later.

As the group landed at the top of the large temple, each one held their own wounds.

"That was beyond terrible, just deadly, just-"

"Shut up Volteer…" Terrador groaned holding the large gash on his side.

Even Spyro had several bruises and cuts but not to much compared to the others. Cynder on the other hand was for the most part dirty from the dirt, stone and slime.

"What was that thing?" He asks. None of the Guardians had even the slightest idea.

"Cynder, do you-"

Looking back at her Spyro could see something he hadn't seen before in her, Pure fear. She just stayed at the spot she landed. Not moving nor looking away

"Cynder, you alright?" He asks nudging her. She blinks twice before shaking her head.

" Wha- Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little startled at what that monster was."

Walking to her side Spyro lies his wing over her. "Come on, we all can use some rest after this. Tomorrow we can try to find out what that weird slime was."

Nodding in agreement they all head inside the large doors. As they walk drips of slime falls to the ground. Oozing into the cracks in the floor.
The Chronicler, a dragon whose eye watches over the dragon realm and keeps its history in check.

Now in his place is the mighty ex-fire guardian, Ignitus. The large dragon stood at the stand where he could view the world at real time. In the display showed the battle scene where the dragons had encountered the monster.

Ignitus just shook his head as the image of Spyro and Cynder struggling to just escape the creature. It was something that he could even begin searching for a answer.

"Something troubles you." A old voice says walking into the library. A gray dragon slowly walks over to the fire dragon. His age showing in his step.

"Indeed. These… creatures are the likes of which I have ever seen."

Stepping aside to allow the old dragon to view the image, the Chronicler stares at the image.

"It is something I have never seen before. Even in my time. But if what it's made of is anything to go by, than the world is not the only thing in danger."

"What do you mean?"

Walking over to the self that contained Spyro's book, he flips directly to the end.

"The Purple one had prevented the world's very destruction. Sealing the Dark Master in the core. But that was of his psychical form."

"Are you saying that Malefor is still alive?" Ignitus asks with fear in his voice.

"I'm afraid so. But if this is the manifestation of his power, than his very soul could grow even more powerful than last time."

"So, his is returning. What can we do?"

"I'm afraid I don't have the answer to that. I have witnessed the supernatural before, but this will require more than what the young dragons can handle."

Closing the book he heads back to the viewer. Looking closely at the monster.

"It was said, long ago that an ancient monster called a Slor from a unknown world had been taken from its home and enslaved. But decades later it was defeated by 8 strange mortals."

This had made Ignitus become even more confused. The word Slor was something rarely discovered in ancient writing. Some going to the fact that they could rip worlds apart just by feeding of its anger. But for one to be defeated? And by 8 mortals made him just dumbfounded.

"How is that even possible, it takes tremendous power to do such a thing."

"And yet they've done it like it was nothing." The Chronicler says walking over to a large mirror that had been leaning on the wall.

Blowing the dust off he drags the large sheet of glass over to Ignitus.

" This is a mirror transporter. It's a long lost means if teleportation between realms. And if we can locate those beings, then we can ask for their aid."

"You want me to do it? But I have no idea what or who to look for."

Ignitus eyes the glass. His own image seemed to spiral inward like it was getting pulled in.

"Once you get there, you must locate them and tell of our situation. They will understand. "

Heading towards the large mirror. Ignitus just wondered what he was to do.

"How will I know who they are? And if the world you say Is true then how shall I 'fit in'?"

"Once you're in the world you will be adapted in a useable form. And they are well known where they are. Just asks anyone and hopefully they'll point you in the right direction."

"Again," The fire dragon says in annoyance. "Who?"

"They are ones that everyone knows the question to, Who ya' gonna Call?" He says with a chuckle.

2 Weeks later…

New York City.

May 21, 2019

"Hello New York! This is AR Bob with the evening report. Due to construction on 6th street traffic will be a little more jammed than usually. Then again when is it not? Over on the Brooklyn side of town the Westmore T- Station will be running on only one track due to tunnel flooding for last week's storms. And The Yankees won 2-1 over all, Go Yankees!

In other news, the Rocky Mo Dance club on Smith Avenue will be closed for the week due to slime that was leaking from the drainage. The damage could of been worse for it had not been for our favorite NYC response team, the Protonix Ghostbusters. Thanks to their efforts in protecting our city, a big celebration is being planned to mark the five year anniversary of their help to the city. The celebration is set to begin within a week. So it should be enough time for you ghost heads all out there dressing up as your favorite buster.

And remember, if there's something strange in your neighborhood, Who ya gonna Call? "

Across the island of Manhattan, hundreds to thousands of citizens went about their daily life. Far off in the more residential areas, the leader himself was just wrapping up job.

"Alright Mrs. Watterson, that patch should clear up any more slime that the blower couldn't reach. If any does come back just give us a call." Walking out the front door of the house came the 23 year old ghost head. Completely suited in a pair of Jet black cargo pants with his icon jacket. Strapped around his back sat the large device that allowed Ghostbusting to happen.

"Thanks again for coming. I still don't know how those two find that stuff." Following behind him was a 37 year old women that had a shaded blue hair design with a white shirt and gray skirt.

"It's no problem. Take care now." He says walking down the steps. Parked over the curb sat his hot rod of a bike, Ecto X1. It was heavily modified military bike that had a sleek white and red color with two large red 'No' symbols over the rims. The most eye popping part was the large black and silver engine. Instead of a normal gas engine, this had a large drum that looked like someone ripped the bottom half of a proton pack and connected it to the bike. Heading to the back, Derek unlatches the pack's straps from around him, slinging it around he places the 90 pound pack onto the back rack that sat on top of the rear fender. Pulling over the protective bash cage he jumps over onto the seat.

The motorcycle hums to life as he pulled off the side and onto the road. Heading back towards the city with the siren blazing.


On the other side of the river, another part of the team was in the middle of a more difficult task. "BLAST IT!"

On cue three bright orange energy beams lite up a building. Flashes of blue and yellow followed as screams echoed. The main doors were busted open as 2 blobs flew out into the open. Before they could get away two beams wrapped around them as a bright flash envelopes them. They quickly dropped closer to the ground until they completely disappeared into a foot sized black box.

"And that's two in the box, ready to go!" One yells out firing a large blast of proton energy. Beside him stood two others. Each one was wearing a deep red, all black and patched orange jumpsuits.

"Danny! What did we say about Boson Darts?!" Mike Docks, the team's enforcer, barked at.

"Oh come on. Even you're happy we got those two before they got into the forks and knifes." Danny says bolstering his gun and grabbing the smoking trap. Mike just rolled his eyes as he and the brothers headed back towards Ecto 4MC. A modified utility truck that had a large cannon like thrower on the roof that was decked out with large metal cases.

"So what's next?" Ben asks placing his pack in the truck.

"Let's see," Mike pulls out a list from his side pocket. "We have three more clean up jobs, a possible possession, a demonic possession and reports of more slime leaking from a storm drain." Putting the list back, Docks walks around to the driver's seat. Both Ben and Danny just signed as they hopped in the truck. Flipping on the siren Mike guns the truck out of the parking lot as they head to the next job.

Near the center of Manhattan, just off view from Central park, stood a building that had been known for being a legendary fire station and movie location. Now, the iconic firehouse known by many now serves as headquarters to the Protonix Ghostbusters. The building itself was heavily renovated to fit the needs of the large team. The very inside looked like the modern day version of what the original ghostbusters firehouse would looked like. The area around the building was also changed compared to everything else. A large, 4 vehicle bay extended beside the building while a large heli-pad and hanger stood on top. Towards the back left corner was a much larger extension to the original building that served as the research and development facility. Hanging just above the main door and bay was a led sign that represented the team. A No Ghost logo with a red, rusted gear on the outline with a metallic ghost and a proton gun across the slash.

Inside the building the layout was much different. The place where Peter Venkman's office would be was now a waiting room for clients and the secretary desk. A balcony rested over the entire set up that was used for more group meetings or just storage. Parked on the side of the right wall sat a massive red and white semi truck vehicle with all sorts of equipment. The GB logo and name was printed on the trailer's side with a roof rack that covered the first half of the roof with a miniature heli pad on the back half,

"Leo, Hey Leo!"

Walking out if a side door that lead to the offices, Rachel Bucker, the PGB Historian, walked out in her indigo jumpsuit. Heading over to the trailer she walks up the access ramp. Inside one would be shocked at the amount of room inside but for her it was more than normal. Passing the equipment and lab she enters the Containment room. A portion of the trailer that held the portable containment unit that powered the semi.

"Leo?" She asks looking around the mess. Sitting over in the corner with his back against the unit with a Times magazine was the brain behind the tech.

"Leo!" Rachel shout kicking at his legs. Leo barely moved from his sleep. Rolling her eyes she step back over to the interface. Placing her hand on the palm scanner the access panel opens up. Reaching inside she turns a key than a small lever.

Quickly red lights fill the truck as a alarm began to sound.

"Warning, Laser Grid Deactivated. Self Destruct in 60 seconds."




Faster than what anyone could see, Leo jumps up from his place and quickly pulls the lever up and pulls the main 'flush' lever down.

"Laser Grid Reactivated."

Making sure that it was safe he pulls the handle up while closing the panel. "If you're trying to doom us all, then it is working." He says in a frustrated yawn. Lack of sleep was clear to her. His black and orange jumpsuit was half way on and tied around his waist. His white undershirt had several food and slime stains.

"Says the guy sleeping with his work again. Don't tell me you had a jar of slime with you." she says crossing her arms as a smirk creeped across her face. Leo could only sigh in defeat.

"Has Jack come back yet with those parts?" He asks as he starts clearing the mess he made.

"He called five minutes ago. He's on his way now." Rachel says stepping out. Before she could get out of the trailer the main doors swung open. Pulling inside slowly Derek brings his bike up beside the truck. Hopping off he reaches over and pulls out two still smoking traps.

"Well you got back fast." Rachel smiles as she walked up to him. "How did it go?"

"Another Blob Ghoul and three Class 2 repeaters. Also Watterson is paying with debt so expect that pretty soon." Reaching out Rachel takes the two traps from his hand as he lets go the pack. Letting it slide to the ground.

"I guess I'll put these away while you go get cleaned up." She says walking away to the back stairs.

"Couldn't argue with that." Derek heads up the main stairs to the upper level.

Ignitus's POV' Several Moments Ago

A headache, god this headache. It felt like I just ran head first into a mountain. Opening one eye I was taken by a strange sit. The sun was mostly blocked by tall structures that surrounded me. And the smell. Oh the smell. It was just like the smell in the prison I was captured in. Adjusting I reach a claw up to try to rub away the pulsing pain. But what I feel is… strange.

Looking down I say that I wasn't what I was. My body had shrunk. I was more thin. My arms were now two skinny and with...what was it again? Hands, that's it, they were replace with hands. I was dressed in bright orange clothing, or what the moles called suits. A red under cloth was just visible under the darker orange. Twisting my body around I jump to my feet, the headache quickly returned. Clutching my head with both hands if it was going to explode. Standing still for a moment I move towards the opening. The light was much brighter, the sounds louder.

Once my eyes adjusted to the light, I was amazed. Gigantic buildings everywhere. Towering high into the sky. On the ground there where countless of strange beings. All dressed in stranger clothing, all running around like insects.

Walking out more I step past the rushing crowds into the more open street. Before I could step out a loud, yellow object raced by. Soon others of different color and sizes roared by. Waiting for the right moment I take a quick glance at each direction. Stepping onto the path I dash over to the other side. Some of them stopped or weaved past me while letting out strange honks. Shrugging it I continue down alongside the road. Dispute what I looked like nobody even looked at me. Most were just walking or were looking down at a small glowing object in their hand.

'Volteer would be in paradise learning about this stuff. Hehe.'

Rounding the corner I came to a stop. Sticking out the side of the building was a small green shack that looked like a market venue but was covered in papers other than foods. Most of the papers that people were taken each had different images of the same people. One read out across the top 'Ghostbustin' Forever' in bold with a image of 8 people huddled around a large white object like the ones on the street.

"Hey buddy, you gonna buy it or not?" A large man said looking down at me.

"Ummm no, but are you able to give me directions to them?" I ask holding the paper up. He turned to me with a dumbfounded look, others who stood by did the same.

"Really? What have you been sleeping under a rock for the past 6 years."

"I'm... not from around this side of the world." I shoot back a glare at him. He merely shrugs his shoulders as he tends to others waiting.

"Alright. If you're looking for the Ghostbusters, just head 4 blocks that way and round the corner. You'll know when you see it." He says pointing down the road. Quickly I turn to head in said direction.

"Thank You!" I shout out as I made my way.

40 minutes and 4 blocks later…

This city is unbearable. I felt like at any moment I would just snap at one of these people if I didn't heed the task at hand. I had to ask seven other people to find my way to the building. And four blocks of walking was a pain compared to flying. Rounding the corner I could see the large red building on the corner. A strange sign was hanging from one entrance while people pass by. Some stopping in front of it to pose while one emitted a flash of light before moving on. Heading down the path I could see more and more to the place. A larger extension layed out from the side with 4 more doors covered in glass.

But then I stopped. A weird walling was caught in my ears. and it was getting closer. Turning back I could see others watching a person zoom by me. A blue light flashed over the white machine as the rider waved to people. Watching carefully it pulls up to the building, the large doors swung open as he disappears inside.

'This has got to be it.'

Dashing across the street I step up to the large red doors. Pushing on the middle I try to open it but nothing. Grabbing the small handle I yank it back. Instead of the entire door a much smaller one opens.

'A door in a door? These people are strange.'

Stepping inside I could feel a blast of air go past me. The indie was much bigger than I thought. A large white object sat on the right that took up a large portion of room. In front of it I could see the object the 'man' came in with. Walking past both I look around to find him. The sound of clanking metal filled the room as I looked over to see a female walking out of from under the stair case.

"Oh, hello sir, is there something I can help you with?" She asks walking over to the desk in front of him.

"Ah yes, there is. I was hoping to talk to the Ghostbusters." I lied. Knowing what Chronicler said I should try to work my way in with their official. Glancing at the clothing she wore I could see the word 'Bucker' imprinted in a bright yellow. Possibly her name I suppose.

"Do you have an appointment?" She asks writing down on a paper.

"Uh. No, it was hard enough just to locate this place. I'm here on a very important manner." I could already feel the sweat started dripping.

"Well, I guess we can get you in with Derek Stewart. He just returned from a job."

"That would be very helpful, thank you." I say with the most calm tone I could muster.

"Alright, head down the hall," she says pointing to a hall that broke off from the room. "-the third room on the left. Wait there and I'll send him down." Getting up from the desk she hands me a paper before she headed up the staircase on the wall. Looking at the paper a new level of confusion filled my head. Shaking off the thoughts I head towards to hall. Unlike the building this was mostly white white with shelves of strange items. Reaching the door I push it slowly open.

'By the ancestors… this place is better than Volteer's back in the temple.'

Upper Level.

After their purchase of the firehouse the team spent several days and hundreds of thousands in rebuilding the top two floors. Unlike having the living quarters where everyone was in a single room, they opted to have separate rooms for everyone. At the far end near the main window was Derek's place was much bigger than the others expect Leo's because of the large amount of equipment stored there. Making her way around furniture that littered the entertainment area she walks straight to his door.

"Hey Derek?" Rachel asks through the crack in the door.


"There's a man here, he's waiting in your office." She says. The sound of someone falling fills the room as Derek swings the door open. Wearing just a towel around his neck and jeans.

"Please tell me he's not from the EPA and here to see what's in our basement again. " he asks thinking of what could happen.

"No, he says it's something very important and that you're the one here who usually does the talking." She says stepping back as Derek opened the door more.

"Alright." Walking out he heads to the one of lockers that sat up against the wall. Swinging open the far left one he pulls out a navy blue and black jumpsuit. Grabbing a belt and other items he rushes back in his room. "I'll be out in five minutes."

Looking around the office I was just fascinated by the various reports and images on the walls. Some reading'Ghosts and Ghostbusting Exist' and 'Teens turn Fiction to Reality'. Others talked about how they helped the city and places to even preventing an apocalypse, twice. But one stood out heavily. It was a picture of 8 of them, or so it seems because some images show 12 or more, circled around a hole in the street. Inside it you could see a black color that looked like water in a shadow. The description below made it more clear that this world has some dark problems. One that almost mirrors ours.

'Monsterous Black Mass Under NYC'

"During the Thanksgiving parade on November 23, 2016 several hundreds of spectators were attacked by large slime like monsters that arose from the ground during the main parade. The death toll of 24 could've been higher had it not be from the aid of the Protonix Ghostbusters that destroyed the creatures within moments. The area was quickly sealed off as the 12 manned team investigated the scene. Only 5 hours later the very street itself buckled, revealing something that the world and even Ghostbusters froze at. A lake of what the Protonix Ghostbusters call 'Black Ecto' or 'Black Slime' was discovered in a vast under chamber 245 feet below the surface."

"Estimates from both Busters and Geologists put the lake of slime at a width of 4.2 miles wide and extending nearly 7 miles. This made the team highly concerned about the safety of the city as that the paranormal power that this amount of slime could destroy the city and surrounding tri-state area. De claring New York City as 'The Yellowstone of the Northeast', the government has been working with the team and other scientists to prevent any of the slime from reaching the surface. But with the rise in supernatural activity many question if this could be a sign of bad things to come."

There was much more to the page but this alone made me think about our situation. If they were dealing with this slime now than what could it help with ours?

"Learning about our past, eh?" Spinning around I quickly saw who said the question. Standing in the door was a young male wearing a blue version of what the female, or Bucker, was wearing except he had much more around his attire.

"So you're the one who wanted to talk about a important situation?" I nod.

"Alright, Derek Stewart of the Protonix Ghostbusters." He says extending his arm out. Reaching mine out we shake.

"Iven, Iven… Drake." It wasn't the best name I could think of but it will hopefully work.

"Well Mr. Drake, what can we do for you?" he asks sitting in the chair from across me.

"Well," I start thinking about what to say. The little info fromthe papers and what Chronicler said about them was enough to make me think hard.

It wasn't like I could say 'Hi, I'm a dragon from a different world. Can you and your team stop what you're doing and help us fight monsters?'.

"I was sent by my higher official because he had info that you could help in our… problem."

"Ah uh. And what might this problem be exactly?" Before I could answer Derek swings the back of his chair to me. In a moment he turns back but with a bottle in his hand. "Possession? Disturbing a ancient burial ground? Portal to Hell? Dead brother back to exact his revenge?" He says taking a drink and... Portal to Hell? They've dealt with things like that?

"No. It involves." Leaning closer so that I could look him in the eye. "Black Slime." His eyes widened incredibly. He choked slightly on his drink as he sat down the bottle.

"What kind of situation. Portal, Ghost, Walker (Zombie)?"

"Monster." I say cutting him short. He quickly drags over a large black glass panel over between us. It lets out a red glow as several images popped on screen. Different forms of creatures speed by as he flipped past them. In seconds he stopped at a image that made my eyes widen.

"Black Slime Monster, Class 6 Manifestation, Ranges between 600 to 2,300 pounds and 9 feet tall. Relies on melee and at times range. Formed when massive amounts of anger and darkness is feed into black slime. "

"On a scale one to ten how bad?" He asks. Chronicler told me about what has happened during the past days. More and more of them were popping up all over the world. So large that one could destroy a town or village with ease.

"As it stands now, 8. And at the rate it is climbing, it could reach 10 within a month." The look on his face became more grim than what I saw the others look back some time ago. Quickly he grabs a paper and writes down something. As he does so the sound of a loud ringing fill the room. He looks up from the paper as he quickly bolts to the door.

"Oh, sorry to cut this short, gotta bust to with, maybe we can continue this some other time?" He asks flinging the door open.

"Of course." I say as he runs out. I get up from my seat and follow him down the hallway.

"Traps?!" He yells as he run past the women's desk.

"Traps." she hands him two black objects. He quickly runs over to the same object from early and places the two items on the side. Opening the box on the top he pulls out a large strange black and gray device with various wires and lights.

Hoping over the black spot he grabs the front handle and lifts his feet. The large doors swing open as he zooms out of the building with the same noise as before with a bright blue light. Seeing me she walks over towards the door.

"Sorry about that. Duty calls." She says waving off.

"It's alright. I'm use to this types of things. Oh, before I go could I use your restroom?" I ask with a raised brow.

"Oh, it's just back down the hall on the right. The second door."

"Thank you." I say walking back. I quickly slip inside the small white room and look the door. Walking over to the sink I got a even more clear image of that wasn't the matter for this. Turning both knobs I let the sink slowly fill up just before flooding. Cupping hands together a blow a small blue flame. Carefully I bring it to the water as the lights began to dim. The water swirls as the image came into focus.

"Ah Ignitus, how's your first day in the human world?" Chronicler asks.

"I'll prefer the Belt of Fire over this place. Though it is amazing to look at. But I have made contact with the Ghostbusters. "

"And what is their thoughts about the job?"

"**sigh** I do not know. I only talked to their leader Derek Stewart for a brief time. And they to are dealing with a problem with the substance called Black Slime. "

"Black Slime?" He says rubbing his chain. "I have never heard of quite a thing. But if they are the ones who defeated a Slor, than they must come quickly."

"I agree. But who can we get them all to agree?" I ask.

"Leave that to me." He says as the image turned back to the water. Before I could do anything I was quickly covered in a bright purple glow. My vision went completely blank as a white light flooded in.
Ignitus wasn't the only one. Racing down the street Derek was weaving his way through traffic to the job. But as he went by a intersection he was quickly covered in the same purple glow. Both him and the bike vanished, leaving the entire area frozen in time. Back at the firehouse Jack had arrived in Ecto-1, a replica of the Ecto-1A from the movie but more modern. Before Jack could get 3 feet away from the car with parts in hand both he, the car, Rachel, Leo and the truck vanish in a purple light. Meanwhile on the roof, team pilot Roger Donny was taking off in the Ecto-2A helicopter he to vanished in the same light.


"E4 to HQ, do you copy?" "Ecto-4 to Firehouse, is anyone watching the damn place?" Mike says to the radio. He and the Smith brothers were on their way with loaded traps after completing the day's jobs.

"Bet you $20 Derek and Rachel are at it again." Ben says leaning between the front seats.

"Shut up." Danny said with his head hanging halfway out of the window. Slowly the same glow that got the others began creeping over the outside of the truck till all 3 of them vanished. Leaving just tire marks where the vehicle once was.

Void Realm

In the vast space in of the world many things tend to come and go. But on a small rocky platform floating in space, 8 bright balls of energy expanded in size. One by one each dropped a body.

"Oh god my head…" Derek moans rubbing his temple. Slowly the others sat up. Each one holding their heads.

"What the hell just happened?!" Jack yelled hopping to his feet. "Where the bloody hell are we?!" Looking around the team quickly got to their feet. On instinct they each go to pull their proton guns from their packs, only to realize Derek was the only one really wearing one.

"Please tell we're not in a cross world version of the Manhattan again" Roger asks as Leo pulled out his PKE meter. (Real Ghostbusters Pke meter )

"There is a tremendous amount of energy here but no direct source. It's like it's coming from nowhere and everywhere." he says pointing it in different directions.

"Meaning?" Jack asked rubbing his eyes.

"It means when me, Derek and Rachel went to the public library with the others, 6 of us went to the ghost world version of it. I got heavy amounts of data and this place doesn't match it."

"Than what about that?" Rachel asks pointing. Everyone looks over to see a large wood like building that stood on top of a large rock column.

"I'm getting very strong reads from that building." Leo says as he adjusts the meter.

"Than let's get closer." Derek says stepping closer to the edge. Flipping the packs modes he switches to the slime blower setting. Aiming at the ground he fires a strand of slime at the rock and one back to theirs. Firing two more slime tethers till the rock was slowly drifting towards the building. Launching a few more to make sure it stays the team steps off the rock to the building. It was less impressive up close compared to far away. It was much more like a wood hut that looked like it was left to riot in the forest. The only thing truly visible was a large circular door.

"What do ya think, knock or melt?" Derek asks eyeing it with his thrower. Leo steps closer with the meter as the wings flashed faster.

"I'm reading a possible Class 14 or higher behind this door. But not spiritual-"


Everyone jumps away from the door at the sound. Derek quickly switches the pack proton stream. Looking to the right they could see Rachel with her fish to the door with a smirk. "Okay, now you really are trying to doom us all." Leo says pulling his goggles from his belt. Wrapping the headband around his head.

"Well we don't want to end up like back in the library, remember?" she says stepping away from the door. Everyone waits for a response.

"Alright, let me knock, Hard." Taking a few steps back Derek aims at the door knob that stood out 10 feet above them. Double checking he changes the settings to level 5, grips the handle and,


A large blast of boson particles takes a direct hit to the door lock. Some of the others covered their eyes while the plant life around them trembled. The door just cracked slowly, letting out a bright blue light. Roger, Mike and Danny both step forward to the door. All 3 men pushing it forward. Once it was opened enough for all of them they entered. The inside was much bigger than they thought. It was a much more like a giant chamber with shelves of books all over the wall. A stranger structure stood in the middle of the room while a calderon sat in the corner over a flame.

"Forget bookworms," Derek walks more inside. "This is Space Witch Doctor type stuff." running his hand over a row of books.

"I could spend months cataloging these." Leo takes one from the shelf and flips through the pages.

"Please don't do that. That book is over 30,000 years old…" a old but stern voice filled the room. Quickly Leo closes the book, places it back and raises his meter. Everyone backs up into a group around Derek, aiming in any direction. Danny goes to try and run for the door. But is stopped when it smashes shut. The sound of locks making him groan.

"We're not alone…" Mike reaches down quickly his side and upholsters his guns. Being the most experienced with real firearms, he has two Proton Pistols that are strapped to his outer thighs. The group stands back to back, waiting.

"Got anything guys?" Derek asks as the others pull their meters. And as if it was a sign from God, they did get something. Just in front of them the air began to disorient. Like time and space was being ripped apart. The form rapidly expands out. Forming 6 long arms out. 4 land squarely on the ground while one hangs high above them. The light it was made of quickly disappears from the room. Now standing in its place was a large blueish gray creature.

"Greetings…" it says as its eyes fell upon the Ghostbusters. On instinct both Derek and Mike unleash their proton beams at him. But before they could make contact the beams of light coil around. Like they were wrapping themselves in a spool.

"Please don't. I don't wish to have my library burned down." He says raising one of his fore claws. Slowly both beams begin retracting back to their guns. Derek's pack let out a loud hiss as steam shot out from the accelerator. Both men look at each other for a moment before finally lowering their weapons.

"Thank you, now if I may." Clearing his voice the sound of how old he was set in.

"I'm the Chronicler, I'm the watcher of Worlds and record the past, present and future." His voice was filled with pride and what Leo felt wisdom.

"Um… we're the-" Derek starts but is cut off.

"The Protonix Ghostbusters." Chronicler finishes. "Derek Stewart, Rachel Bucker, Leo Johnson, Roger Donny, Mike Docks, Ben Smith, Danny Smith, and Jack Wolfton. I've been watching you from time to time. And I must say, you all have done quite a bit of work for just a few years." Everyone just stood there, mouths dropped at the way he said their names. If it wasn't enough than the fact that something or someone has been watching them for the past 6 years raises several alarms.

"Uh… thanks?" Derek shrugs. Not really knowing if it was good or bad.

"But I did not bring you here to just compliment you. I brought you all here because out of everything we have seen in our world you all can deal with ease." He says walking over to the boiling calderon.

"Um… while it would be our job to help. We're…"

"We're a bit backed up in our own problem. After a little 'event' a year ago." Mike finishes as Derek just have him a nod.

"Ah yes, my apprentice had told me about your situation against, what was it… Black Slime. And do not worry about your world. When I brought you all here I quantum locked it at the same time." Chronicler adds in.

"So our world is frozen, Great. So does that mean when its unfrozen I'll end up driving straight into a taxi?" Derek asks crossing his arms in frustration. It truly wouldn't be the first time he or the other experienced it. They flat out hate it.

"Nonsense. You'll resume your time when I send you back. But for now, think fast."

Quickly be spins around to them. Rising on his hind legs as he smashes down his fore claws. The ground shakes at the impact as a large Dark spot in front of the team formed. Growing in size as it soon towered over them. Standing in a ready attack pose was a giant, 30 foot slime monster. Everyone quickly back pedals to the door or run behind Stewart as he takes no second to fire. The particle beam passed right throw its head as its form quickly dissipated.

"What the hell was that!?" Derek shouted. Aiming the thrower at the Chronicler.

"Our problem. For just over two weeks now those monsters have been popping up all over the world. So far the only ideal thing people can do is run away and hope they out run it."

"Leo?" Derek looks over his shoulder. "Can you get a scan of that?" He asks as Leo slowly stepped forward with his PKE acting like a weapon. Chronicler does the same thing again. This time Leo scans the monster. The graph on the view screen changes from its standard green to a bright yellow as the wings slowly raised. Each light flickers on till their fully extended.

"Black Slime Abomination, Class 8 Smasher. Ranges between 16 to 60 feet in size weighing around 15,000 pounds. Relies on… slime trailing for melee attacks and range with hooks… OhCrap."

Everyone was silent at the information given. Slime Monsters was one thing to deal with. One buster could single handedly bring down one in under 30 seconds if they stayed on their toes long enough. But for a Slime Abomination, it was something different. Rachel remembered the time when the other teams came to their world, how Bridget, another Ghostbuster, and her team dealt with the same type of monsters when riding on their Ecto. But compared to these, it was nothing.

"So, if I'm getting this right…" Derek says rubbing his neck. "You want someone… us, to hunt these things down and destroy them?"

Chronicler tilted his head to the side for a moment to think but quickly answered. "To put it bluntly, Yes." he said with even a tiny grin.

"Umm… could you give us a moment to discuss this matter?"

"By all means, go ahead." Chronicler waves them off. Derek steps a few feet back as he huddled up the others.

"Alright. What should we do?" He asks.

"I don't like him." Ben responds with a glare to his direction.

"You don't like anyone period. But are we really doing to accept a job from a… dragon?" Mike looks over to Leo and Derek.

"True, but if they are dealing with that kind of black slime in their world, god knows what could happen it opened a portal. Or worse it can do damage to our world. And I really don't want Infestation 2." Derek thought out the task. It was like the time when they discovered the lake. "Leo, thoughts?" Reaching behind him Leo pulls out a small calculator. Quickly typing in numbers.

"Stop That!" Roger yells slapping it out of his hand.

"If my calculations are correct," Leo says picking up the device. "Than our odds of defeating this entity are somewhat slim but yet greater than before."

"How slim?" Mike asks.

"I calculated 531 likely outcomes, we would survive 17 of them."

Rachel sighed, "That beats our usual odds."

"That beats our odds compared to last time. And we had a army." Jack adds.

"Unfortunately incorrected." Leo puts the calculator back into his pocket. "Let's do it." Derek was about to question him but just slapped his hand to his face. Sighing he looks to the others.

"Anyone disagree?" In which Ben raises his hand. Ignoring him they break.

"Alright Chronicler, we accept. When and where do we start?" Derek asks. Keep his tight grip on the thrower.

"I will transport you all to the surrounding area. Each of you will be reanimated in the time I brought you here. So be careful. And your job starts… Now." Before any of them could respond both dragons open their maws. Unleashing a blinding white light that surrounds each Ghostbuster. One by one their bodies vanished. Leaving small ash circles where they stood.

"You were right Ignitus, they are more than serious about their job." Chronicler glances over to the mirror. Standing in his human for. Ignitus could only thinking about what will come because of their decision.

"And maybe those two will be helped by our own."

"Is that before or after what the leader and female are going to go through? "

"Both, also how long till I turn normal?" He asks to the weathered dragon.

"Oh maybe for another hour or two. The effects are still dying out."

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