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By GBPaulRivera
Well I do have a big fan-fiction of my own in the works. Essentially what is the equivalent to a television season long story with about 7 episodes so far in my head, but they are premises as of now where I'd like to explore the months after the movie similar to James Eatock and Dan Schoening's initial premise to Ghostbusters comics exploring the business after they defeated the big bad guy (viewtopic.php?t=19037). I do have the arcs for each main character and based on what my friends say, they think I captured the film's atmosphere and the characters' essence pretty well, so hopefully I can get something done by Halloween to get the ball rolling.

As far as Erin's orientation, I'm sticking to heterosexuality, but Holtzmann in my head is a bisexual person, but as Kate McKinnon pointed out, their orientations shouldn't matter at all since we're here to see them bust ghosts and other shenanigans with their personal lives underneath that.

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