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It is an honor and a privilege to announce that my latest writing project, Ghostbusters III is now complete. The draft sits at 90 whole pages, which was pretty much my goal at the start. I was never planning to write a long script. I think the story roles nicely and at 90 pages, is pretty good. But I'm not gonna gloat about it. I know that no script is ever perfect. I'm gonna let you guys read it and tell me what you think about it. Your opinions are the most important of the writing process. I write these things to entertain you guys. So ladies and gentlemen, to all the Ghostbusters fans....this one's for you.

If you want to read it, please PM me your email address. I think by tomorrow at 7pm, I will be sending out the script in PDF format.

*I simply called it that for this thread title to emulate IMAX titles how they have 'AN IMAX EXPERIENCE' somewhere on the posters of movies.
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