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By Lucky_Ladybug
So I'm about to embark on attempting my first Real Ghostbusters fanfic. But one thing that's concerned me ever since I determined I wanted to try it is how to write Egon's scientific terms and talk when he's describing what inventions do or what certain things happening around them are causing. I'm not knowledgeable enough in science that I can rattle off many scientific terms very easily beyond a few more common knowledge ones. I know some are naturally made-up due to the nature of the verse, but others are real.

I'm wondering how other fanfic writers handle this? Do they look up the complex scientific terms of everything they want Egon to say? (Do some of them already know?) Or do they just wing it and make things up, since a lot of the ghost-related science is no doubt made-up?
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By Fritz
Some of all of the above. Dan Aykroyd has a background in real-world parapsychological studies, and the producers of GB2016 apparently hired some scientific advisors to make the babble sound legit; I like to think that my being a science nerd in high school helped me in that area.

But yeah, since a lot of this stuff is made up, you're never necessarily going to be "wrong". A few references that might help, though:

The Ghosts From Our Past book released as a tie-in to GB2016 delves some into the pseudoscience and offers some explanations as to the way this stuff might work.

And yeah, at the risk of being immodest, Common Ghostly Terminology might be helpful too.

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