By Centuri
as mentioned in the intro thread, a group of us here in Vic are all working on Ghostbuster costumes. where possible we'll be building and casting our own parts, and if ordering parts from overseas, doing group orders to minimise shipping costs.

This thread will be used for us to keep each other up to date with progress, bounce and share ideas and organise meets to get the project done.

Check in Troops!
By Centuri
Mat And I were checking out flight suits last week, the best option is for everyone to source their own as we are all different sizes.

we are going for the Nomex CWU 27/P Flight Suit in Desert Tan. search for "Flight Suit Tan" in ebay and there are quite a few. below are the threads relating to flight suits and sizing. most people reccomend going one or 2 sizes up from your actual chest measurement. I have a 42 R (thanks to rickH) here if anyone wants to try it on first to gauge the sizing from that. ... =4&t=14236 ... =4&t=21826
By Shiney
Checking in :)

Not sure what happend to my other post, but hey.

Flightsuit; I did see a page with the sizes and measuremnts?
Radios: Got em, will do a couple of pouches for them, might be able to get them to work as the battery with them was just dead and they need 'stubbie' antena's to be screen accurate.
By andy86
hi all aidan here checking in too! Cant get my hands on a proton pack at the momment i got quoted 350 US for shipping from some one on the boards ...progress on hold for the momment
By Centuri
its all happening.

Its up to everyone to source their own flight suits and boots.
we still need someone to look into sourcing the following items:

By Centuri
not sure about boots yet - they seem to be an expensive part of the costume.

my flight suit arrived the other day - 34S. perfect fit!
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By Ecto-ASH
Ash, Melbourne, Checking In! So whats going on? I'm excited to be a part of this! So who's casting shells, because I would love to buy one.
Centuri... Pack looks awesome!

We're just in uniform stage at the moment tho huh?

Patches? Are we gonna tweak the no-ghost to our own?
If we do then I think we should leave the ghost and red 'no' circle and just do stuff around it like a police shield or something, what do you guys think?
By andy86
Hey mate thats a great question i was going to post up. What do we want to do about patches?

Before we sort out how/where to get patches we need to sort out

A) custom or standard no ghost?

B) for name patch are we going with GB characters or do we want customised to our own names?

For the customised name patches Ive found an ebay sellers through some posts here and another memeber off memory, unless we organise a way to custom make ourselves. Patches dont seem too expense at this stage, we can also by the no ghost and name patches off here also. What does every one prefer? I think if we go for just standard no ghost patches and names we can organise individually as it isnt the most difficult part.

Whats every one think?
By andy86
Hey ash there is a seller here that is making the leg hose connector casts and selling with hose. Also I think MMM makes them also..I think. Im currently looking into this. Updates to follow. WIll have almost everything sorted for my suit by the end of this week and then ordered the week after and will provide update. Its not as hard as I thought it would be initially. Ive found a belt gizmo and now and also might be looking at a ghost trap (pending budget).
By andy86
OK all ive got the uniform pretty much sorted with the exception of boots and elbow pads. Ive exhausted the budget so they will wait. I am not going for the ghost trap kit at this stage as ive gone to recreate venkman, however it is something I might look into later on.

If any one wants to look at the patches ive ordered let me know they should arrive soon, I have purchased off an ebay seller from the GBfans board. Feedback seems good. PM for link. Others may also be able to do group buys on this as she does set of 4 and 1. Ive ordered one just to suss out what its like and if every one likes mine they can order individually or do a group buy. I got my name patch off the GB boards and belt.

I also found a seller that does belt gizmo kit. Ordered.
Gloves, suit, leg hose taken care of. from MMM and a seller on the boards.

The walkie talkie I may or may not go screen accurate depending on price and I also want the army spec torch but these I will leave for a bit later as funds are depleted!

PM me if you want some info, just waiting on stuff to arrive at this stage.

By andy86
im probably going to settle for corocroans (not sure how they are spelt) with the exchange rate they arent too dear shipped. I still have to try a couple local surplus shops before I make the final decision. Im not too fussed with screen accuracy when it comes to the boots.
By andy86

I got a set of these for 40 bucks. They do the job, with some added support. I walked in them all day with no pain of awfulness.
Where abouts did you pick them up from?
By andy86
Where did every one here get the radios from? Ive been on ebay that seems the best option, they seem about 100 AUD landed is that about right?
By Centuri
update on the pack. more sanding. filling. priming. x50.
I decided the cyclotron light rings will be resin cast separately rather than be cast as part of the pack



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