By Davros
Hey guys,

Wife & I are leaving for the US tomorrow morning for 4 weeks.

Knocked together a GB filming site list for New York, saw the firehouse last time (so cool to see! it is awesome), but want to do a Venkman spin in the lincoln centre! as well as see the locations

have done a little research, and looks like the only planet hollywoods still cranking where we are going is Niagara falls & New York, which is cool because I know the New York one has a fair amount of GB stuff, so I can have a look and grab some pics.
Bummed about the others on our trip that have closed though - Honalulu, Washington, Beverly Hills, maybe one or two more. Sad that they closed, I have always found the food really good, + great service and movie stuff.

Oh well, will be a blast,

See ya's when I get back

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By Cornelius
Ha! Fantastic!

My wife and I will be visiting NY the last week in autumn. Looking forward to it (first ever time in the US). If you have any (GB-related or other) suggestions after your trip, please share them!

Have fun!
By Davros
Hey Cornelius, sure will mate!
NY is great, you will love it, I will PM you some suggested stuff (from a visitors point of view) when I get back home.

leaving LA in a few days, then Washington, Niagara, NY, back to Hawaii, then the big plane home to Perth,(and my boo suck's job :( .......

see ya when I get back Ganthorion
By Davros
Hey all,

leaving Washington DC today, which is a bummer because it is REALLY good here, plenty to see & do.
Went up inside the Washington memorial yesterday, 500 feet up to the observation deck, didnt even know you could do it, just had to line up in the moring for s ticket, plus it is free! All the museums etc are free too, and the buildings/monuments are really great (unfortunately they are rebuilding the reflecting pool infront of the Lincoln memorial, which was something I was looking forward to seeing :(.....

New york next, with a day or two over to stay at Niagara.

see ya's later :)
By Davros
Hmmm, well all of the GB stuff has been moved from New York Planet Hollywood except for the slimer still had a good burger though!
In Ontario now, and just had a peek in the Planet H there, nothing except for the original license plate off the Ecto.

Back to New York tomorrow to go and see the filming locations

the toy shops here have HEAPS of the 'ready to believe' minimates, but none of the other series, which if I found I would grab a few sets of.
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By RickH
See if you can find Sony HQ in NYC, I heard they have some stuff on display in the lobby. Might be worth checking out.
By Davros
Will do Rick (nice XB by the way!), Sony tower is at - 550 Madison Avenue between 55th Street and 56th Street.

Been to Lincoln centre, very cool, and went into the University to get some shots (got em on the wrong angle to the movie, so will go back!), and went past the firehouse on a detoured bus! had to get a pic cos a firetruck was actually leaving it at the time.
Also saw seinfelds soup kitchen & tom's restaurant.

sharing my wifes camera, cos mine broke on a ride called the Mattahorn at Disney :(
may whack up a pic or 2 when we get home in 2 weeks if ya's want
By Davros
Quick update...

found an AWESOME store called forbidden planet. caught the subway and man, I wanted to apply for a job! (would be a little impractical, given the distace from Perth....traffic etc.......?)

also stumbled across Midtown Comics, which has heaps of great printed material, as well as figures, and has 20% off instore this coming Monday!!

went to the NY public library, Tavern on the Green and will be going back to the firehouse & columbia Uni tomorrow.

The figures and comics etc here are SOOOO much cheaper then Australia,
even found some StayPuft lipbalm today!!
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By RickH
Will do Rick (nice XB by the way!)
Thanks mate, still plugging away at it. Too many cars around this joint, hehe.

Did you book all your trip through a travel agent, or did you just hire a car go wherever you felt like? I went to the US when I was 15 on a family holiday but we did bus tours up and down the east & west coasts. It was great, but pretty gruelling. I think next time I go I'm just gonna hire a car and do whatever. Hopefully the dollar stays strong for another year for when I get 'round to taking long service leave.
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By ganthorion
The figures and comics etc here are SOOOO much cheaper then Australia
Yeah, I was appalled just how much we have to pay for comics over here after seeing the prices over there :P

Then again, this was before the exchange rate got as awesome as it is now, but even so still went bankrupt buying too many of the bloody things :P
even found some StayPuft lipbalm today!!
See if you can get some Stay Pufy Marshmellows :D
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By Boomerjinks
found an AWESOME store called forbidden planet. caught the subway and man, I wanted to apply for a job! (would be a little impractical, given the distace from Perth....traffic etc.......?)
Forbidden Planet was one of our stops when we were cruising New York with mc chris in the Magnum. Had it parked up on the curb for a while and everything.
By Davros
Would have looked great with the magnum out the front! could have spent so much money in there, but would have had to buy another suitcase!

Have the sailors in town at the moment, they were displaying their weapons in times square, I held an M60 with grenade launcher, lighter than I would have expected. Man trigger control was an issue! most people were passing it around with their finger in the trigger guard!! safety first hey!!

Hey Rick, we plan & book all of our own, have done for years. it is a little labour intensive, but we were mucked around with our one and only time using an agent. probably an isolated incident, but now we just do it ourselves. We drove over 3000 km's last time here LA to Vegas, Vegas to Yosemite, Yosemite to San Fran and back to LA), which once on the open rods is really relaxing and enjoyable, but once you get into the major cities, it gets pretty damn stressful for us out of towners!! also, we break up our Sydney to LA flight with Hawaii, so that is a bonus as we have already done a 5 hour from Perth at that stage! (plus Hawaii is none too shabby!!)

So, my GB filming locations go like this - been to, Columbia Uni, but going back today. New York public library, Tavern on the green, Lincoln centre, firehouse, and going to the top of the rock tonite (much better view then Empire State, plus your shots of the city include the Empire state in the city skyline!!))

Still comtemplating a few more purchases, a tom baker dr figure pack, with a kaled, Davros + 2 daleks, and Midtown comics have all of the matty RGB's..........decisions decisions!!
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By ganthorion
So, my GB filming locations go like this - been to, Columbia Uni, but going back today. New York public library, Tavern on the green, Lincoln centre, firehouse, and going to the top of the rock tonite (much better view then Empire State, plus your shots of the city include the Empire state in the city skyline!!))
Did you find Dana's Apartment Building? Just curious as I thought it was actually quite close to the Tavern on the Green (which I also thought was close) :P
By Davros
Hey Rick, top of the rock is the Rockefeller centre building, best view of central park, and the city skyline.

did see the bottom of Dana's apt building (the top was digitally added!), it is close to the tavern, on central park ave.

went back to the uni with a still shot to match in, but I think perhaps the exact wall has been removed over the years?? cos when I stood in what seemed to be the spot, there were big old marks in the ground, but no wall?? (please correct me if I am wrong someone!)

By Lumokan
I compiled this list of locations if you're up for some more. It's not quite every location but it's certainly all the major ones. I'm happy to answer any location questions you might have...I've researched the hell out of this stuff.

-GB NY Public Library: 5th Avenue & 42nd Street.
-GB Columbia University: 116th St & Broadway.
-GB Manhattan City Bank: 489 5th Avenue.
-GB Firehouse: 14 N Moore St.
-GB Spook Central: 55 Central Park West.
-GB Lincoln Center: W65 @ Broadway @Columbus Circle.
-GB USS Maine Monument: Columbus Circle @ W59th St.
-GB Subway Ghost: Broadway & Murray St.
-GB City Hall: Broadway & Steve Flanders Square.
-GB Municipal Building: 1 Center St.

-GBII Dana’s Apartment: 325 E77th Street.
-GBII Brownstone Exterior: 420 E 78th St between 1st & York.
-GBII Manhanttan Museum of Art: 1 Bowling Green @ Broadway.
-GBII Ray’s Occult: 33 St. Mark’s Place.
-GBII Courthouse: 40 Foley Sq.
-GBII Venkman’s Apartment: Cr Broadway & Bleeker St.
-GBII Jogging Path: JKO Reservoir 85th-96th St.
-GBII Washington Square Arch: 5th Avenue & Washington Sq.
-GBII Statue of Liberty: Liberty Island.
By Davros
Whoa, a few there I missed!! :(

In Honolulu at the moment, just for a few days, cos to fly direct from LA to Sydney is 14 hours or something offensive like that (tolerable, but then we have another 5 hours to Perth)

HawaiianGB gave me the heads up on a few great places to check out for comics and figures, very cool.
was heaps tempted by the Megatron pistol replica, but thought customs in Australia would pick me up on it :(

will chuck up a few picks when I get home
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By ganthorion
was heaps tempted by the Megatron pistol replica, but thought customs in Australia would pick me up on it :(
Yeah they would, the toy itself is actually banned over here .. and yet I can buy a blank firing version of the real gun from over east and get it shipped here w/o need of a license *facepalm*

Gimme a call when you get back and got some free time, I'm out of uni now so I'm available pretty much all the time now :D
By Davros
Hello, from back home in Perth...good to be back, see my cat, car, and sleep in our own bed, but shit to have the whole holiday over with.

will hopefully get a pic or 2 up tomorrow (still a lot stuffed from flights etc!), but the reason for this little update is this - I was just taking the memory card from my broken camera (care of mattahorn ride, Disney) when I decided to strip the camera for 'parts', (you guys prop, you know what I mean!!)

anyway, there just so happens to be a rather large capacitor in there.........for the flash I guess..............

all I can say is freakin' ZAP!!!, and that I feel a little more alert than I did 5 minutes ago
it really held quite a considerable charge!!
I was talking to my wife whilst casually disassembling it and WHAM!

good times! :oops:
By Davros
Alrighty, got a little time up my sleeve, so here are a few pictures..

firehouse from atop an open top tour bus, there was an engine coming out with sirens blaring etc, I shouted out to the tourguide that there is the firehouse from ghostbusters, and he announced it over the PA, a surprising amount of people stood up to snap it! would have gone back on the subway, but all stops between 14th & south ferry were closed (got good pics a few years ago, so it didnt matter.

Next - Lincoln center, cool place and instantly recognisable

NY public library...very sinister!

Columbia University, found it hard to find exactly where Venkman was sitting in the screen grab I had?? a few places were closed off, perhaps that is where it was?

anyway, just a few pics, I have more of the same, but didnt want to put up heaps of the same things.
So tavern on the green is still there, although the glass structure that Louis goes to is gone.

Here a a few unrelated pics...
me with a small firearm, perfect for home defense, or shooting cans....

Seinfeld's favourite hangout, (saw the 'no soup for you' place too!)

Flatiron building seen from ontop Empire State, this weird little building is one of my favourites in NY

New York city police INTERCEPTOR, not quite as menacing as Mad Max's!!!!!!!!

Zoltar from BIG, perhaps my wish would be to be a bit smaller, like 15 kilos!!

A local in Hollywood, always happy to hand over their weapons!

Out front of a collectors store in honolulu, thanks to HawaiianGB for tipping me off to this one!

Hope you guys like, let me know what you think, my wife took over 800 photos, Washington DC & Niagara Falls (Clifton Hill side) were standout places for us this time, but you cant beat Hawaii, been there 4 times now, and would go back in an instant! LA is good to see, and a very big place, recommend seeing the old Queen Mary at long beach, Vegas is great...lets face it..its Vegas! along with Hoover dam & Grand Canyon. Yosemite national park is breathtaking, didnt see any bears though (maybe that is a good thing?!). San Fransisco is great, the bridge, alcatraz etc. New York is also one of our faves, we walked so much my legs still need to recover!
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By RickH
Hey Davros, I've started booking my own trip. Definitely will follow in your footsteps and visit those locations (and Forbidden Planet!). Whereabouts did you stay while in NYC? I booked a room at Hotel 31 which is in midtown. I was intending to stay for 4 days but I've found that hotels in NY are expensive and generally poor condition, so cut back to 3 days.

I'm also booked in at Disneyworld for the big DeLorean Car Show. That's gonna be awesome in itself!

My trip is looking to be about 4 weeks as well, including Orlando, Washington DC, NY, Chicago, Vegas, San Diego and LA. This will be my first overseas non-working holiday in over 10 years, pretty chuffed about it :)
By Davros
Hi there Rick,
good to hear you are going over ( I am jealous! love it!)
We stayed at the Wellington first time in NY, and this time at the Candlewood, quite simply due to pricing as you say!
Accommodation in Vegas is cheap as chips, and really top notch. We stayed at the Mirage, I think it was $90 odd a night.
Washington was well priced, we stayed in the State Plaza Hotel, we were close to the Lincoln memorial, and evrything is reasonably close by so long as you dont mind a good walk (washington memorial, smithsonian museums, capitol building...and of course the whitehouse!) bummed the reflecting pool was being fixed up when we were there, hopefully it is fixed by the time you arrive!
Mate, the beer is cheap, the food is great and well priced, soo much to see and the people are great (dependant on where you go I guess!)

I recommend breaking the longhaul flights there and back with a stopover in Hawaii, what better place! a few days in Waikiki, maitai's on the beach, perfection!

Let me know if you need any advice, tipping can be a bit weird at first, there are a few different ways, some places do it differently.. You can write the extra amount on the bill, leave cash on the table, leave extra in the check folder (sometimes it is included automatically on your 'check' as a percentage gratuity, so watch for that, and only pay more if you want to), and it can be a little uncomfortable when you are not familiar with it, but once you get the feel for it its easy. The service is usually really good (much better than what you get over here!) and they generally do work for a tip, very attentive and personable, so we would sometimes leave more than expected if someon was real good.

Look forward to hearing what you plan, and seeing what you get up to.


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By RickH
Thanks for the tips. I was actually looking for a place to stay in DC. I thought it'd be cool to stay at the Watergate til I saw how exie it was :(

Plus, I've already checked out the MLB 2012 schedule and lined up a Yankees game in NY and a Cubs game in Chicago. Looking forward to that.

In Vegas I'm keen to check out that Little Ale'inn on the "Extra Terrestrial Hwy" near Area 51. Something different to see!

And of course, 4th of July. That'll be epic, already got something lined up for that thanks to a good mate over there.

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