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By Chace
There are quite a few videos on the subject, but I feel this is the most complete...

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By RickH
I just got back from the USA myself, New York was the best part of it.

Best tip I can give is get a map from your hotel with the subway lines on it, mark out everything you want to see, then grab a 7-day Met Card from any subway station (it's about $30, unlimited fares). The subways are pretty easy to work out, they are crowded during peak times but otherwise very safe.

During my trip I stayed at Hotel 31 on the corner of 31st and Lexington, it was about 7 minutes walk to the NY Public Library so that was my first stop. They do tours of the library so if you're super keen you can get amongst that, otherwise just walk around by yourself and take photos.

Davros mentioned in his thread that Rockefeller Plaza will give you the best view of NYC, so if you get a chance go up to the observation deck, it's pretty cool. And you won't get hassled by ticket salesman like they do at the Empire State Building.

One more thing, if you can't get a Hook & Ladder 8 t-shirt from the actual firehouse, there's a NYFD gift shop at 17 Greenwich Ave. that has them.

Check out my pics on Facebook if you're interested: ... 339&type=3
By Davros
damn I am jealous!,
been to NY 3 times and am itching to go back!, such a great place.
As Rick says, the subway can get you just about anywhere.
dont forget forbidden planet and midtown comice for collectables etc!

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