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By galeap
I just found this australian community, so g'day all fellow aussie.

I'm in the process of planning a pack build, which I'm aiming to be an all aliminium build.
After trawling through the forums reading as much as can on builds and dimensions etc, it occurred to me that I hadn't come across many (any) aussie builds. It may just be that I read over the thread and missed the authors location.

So my questions are, how many of you have scratch built packs? And if you have, how did you go with finding piping etc of the correct dimensions given our metric situation here?


By Davros
Hi there mate :)

I am in Perth and did a scratch build,
mainly MDF, aluminium & PVC etc. there were a few pics along the way, but they were on Proptopia many years ago
happy to chuck a pic or 2 up here if you want
Brenton (Charlie Richter) also scratch built


Im looking at building one but would love to build one with someone in Melbourne that way we could save on any postage and also help each other with build.
By Rookie84
Hey mate, im in perth too. Built my pack a few months back getting a new nomex flightsuit as my old one was a yellow piss tinge rothco. Ive got a studio creations vacuum mould mounted on a mdf motherboard and other parts made of resin. Ive also got a pp lead kit and a light kit from ebay sellers
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By Hairy Biker
Hey mate, I'm a Gippsland builder,
I did mine mostly out of aluminium, fibreglass and resin.
I'm currently in the process of repairs and rebuilds.
Its one hell of a costly process with postage and all.
By Max2point0
Gday Fellas!!

Im out of Adelaide at the moment,

Are there still active Aussie pack builders??

I would like to get some info on sourcing some parts without ridonkulous shipping prices!!
By Draxxx
Hey Guys,

Just registered to say I've just started a build.
Using MDF, PVC and EPS and what ever else I can find..

So yeah, Hi Fellas!
By Davros
show us your progress mate :)
would like to see it all come together

Have fun


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