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By emporer
Hi, just placed my first order (39736) for a proton gun/wand light kit, it states 8th May estimated date, are these dates pretty accurate? Only ask as its the only bit of elecs left that I need, I spoke with spongface via ebay about something else and correct me if i'm wrong but does he manufacture them for gbfans? He says he will have them ready in a few weeks, would this mean that it would get dispatched much sooner than the estimated date of May? being in the UK i'll be waiting a fair bit with postage too i'd imagine, just itching to get my pack completed in time for the new film.

Also, does payment get taken immediately when paying via credit card, or upon dispatch?

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By AJ Quick
As of right now, we're only a week or two away from having the Wand Kit instock. So your order will ship sooner than May.

As far as payment goes, if you pay with a credit card you are charged right away. If you pay with PayPal you typically are not charged until the item is ready to ship. Your order confirmation email will have details about the payment listed there.
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