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By d_osborn
Yeah, it looks like an old, cheap flight case--very common in film, video, and audio production. I honestly wouldn't be shocked if that's what the prop rental came in.

The dimensions are off, but this is similar. I didn't see any model numbers, but it might put you on the right road for finding a match. Some of the higher end cases will have handles and latches that are flush with the body. I've also seem similar cases at Harbor Freight.
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By Bob Wobbaz
Probably not the correct box, but it's good enough for me. I was passing a vintage camera shop in Manchester and saw this sat in the window. I asked how much and he said he'd sell it me for £8, I couldn't pass it up. I've modified the existing foam in there and the giga is snug in there :)



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By Ernest Reid
these are commonly sold as makeup cases....
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By Alex Newborn
Nice job you did on fitting the Giga to the existing holes in the foam!

I just now wandered into this section for the first time in months, didn't see your thread on making a Giga til just now, excellent job.

I would love to own one of those.

I was actually kinda hoping Matty would do that instead of the thrower.

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By Bob Wobbaz
Where can I get a Gigameter Shell?
AZ Spidey made casts of the Scrub n Buffer shells a while back, I was lucky to get one from a friend who was selling his. Think he sold completed giga shells but not sure if he's still making them.

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