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By VenkmanStantzSpenglr
This is a short bit that I wrote not long after Harold's death- it's a moment between Petey and Ray in the wake of Egon's passing; it's from Petey's POV. Just so you all know, I've never been one to write fic in the typical "beginning-middle-ending" format; there is no definitive start or end to any of the bits I write- they just start up in the middle of things, so to speak, which is the way I prefer to write. As such, my writing style has been referred to as "vignette-style", as well as "(writing) in snapshots".

That being said, this is my first time posting any of my writing here on the GBFans board-- I'd love to hear you guys' thoughts on it. Thanks to all in advance!


I watched as he carefully removed one of Egon's uniforms, and closed the door; he stood there a moment, the upper half of the jumpsuit resting on his left forearm, his trembling right index finger beginning to trace the embroidered letters of the name patch. He then abruptly clutched the suit to his chest, and began sobbing in earnest, leaning his forehead against the door of Spengs' locker; feeling my own heart breaking into a thousand pieces all over again, I sighed, looking back at Janine, who sat watching him in tears. I approached him cautiously; I said nothing, but simply placed a hand on his right shoulder, beginning to rub it comfortingly. He responded to this gesture by turning his head, and looking at me through a flood of hot tears; I motioned for him to come to me, which he immediately did, never releasing his hold on Egon's uniform. I took him into a tight embrace; his loud, heart-rending sobs continued into my left shoulder as I rubbed his back with my left hand, my right one gently tousling the soft, spiky hair atop his head.

"Pete...I want him back, Pete, I want him back, I want him back--please, God, bring him back," he pled through his tears, a request which caused my own tears to begin making their way down my face. In all the years we'd known each other, Ray had never really asked me for all that much...and never, until here in this very moment, had he ever made a request that made me feel as though my heart were about to be mercilessly ripped right out of my chest, and flattened by a relentless steamroller.

"Shhh...I know, Ray...I know you do, buddy--I know it," I responded calmly, trying my best to comfort him despite my own emotions audibly betraying me; as much as I felt I needed to be strong for him in that moment, I just simply couldn't do it.

"Please, Petey, bring him back...please--I don't want him to be gone forever..." At this point, it was becoming all but impossible for me not to break down; the three of us had been close friends and colleagues for years, but Ray and Egon had always been especially close, having long ago bonded on a much deeper level due to their mutual passion for many things scientific and generally nerdy.

"Ray, I can't...if I could somehow, I would-I swear it, but...I can't bring him back, buddy-- no one can...I don't want him to be gone, either, but he is...he's gone, and we just have to accept that..."
By Dr Addams
Thanks m8 for this piece of information. I'm a writer, and in the story which is unfolding in my mind is not complete yet. It is a GB story, but it will be in a new style. It will be different and sometimes darker and strange, but I need some cameo's. Thanks for this one.
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By Spengler02
You have inspired me to tape a piece of paper that says "R.I.P. Harold Ramis" to my chest today. Thank you.
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By Spengler02
I cry every time I read it. And even though I know this I STILL can't keep from reading it. I can hear Ray crying...;~;
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