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Ghostbusters Fans is proud to present the first full scale Ghostbusters FAQ. We aim to archive all of the questions that are most commonly asked by fans and visitors to our site. This FAQ will be frequently updated by those that know the answers. For a listing of each category covered by this FAQ, please see the main page here.

[Revise]Q. What are the tubing sizes on the Proton Pack?

A. 4mm (or 5/32") red on the gun tip from banjo to banjo
1/4" green on rear instrument bar of the gun from clippard barb to barb

1/4" blue from PPD to RH-50 resistor and from RH-50 resistor to top of Ion arm
4mm (or 5/32") yellow from small resistor on ion arm to Legris elbow on ion arm (some people use 1/8" yellow here)

1/4" Blue and 1/4" red on injectors to cyclotron base

4mm (or 5/32") red from Legris elbow on Cyclotron to Straight fitting on side of PPD (some people use 1/8" Red here )
4mm (or 5/32") red from PPD to HGA Legris elbow (some people use 1/8" Red here)

[Revise]Q. Where can I purchase a Hero or Stunt Proton Pack?

A. You can't really purchase a hero or stunt pack, because they aren't "on the market", a few of them are on display at Planet Hollywood an some other places.

As with most "where can I buy a proton pack" questions, the best, and only answer, really is continue to check the For Sale sections of this and any other possible GB's-related sites, such as proptopia, for packs that are for sale. Otherwise, build your own.

A few rules when checking boards for proton packs for sale:

Out of respect, do not approach a board "demanding" a pack, or anything in general. Be respectful and courteous and ASK about things.

Don't expect to pay less than $1500 for a fully built proton pack. These are big, detailed, difficult-to-build prop replicas, EXPECT to PAY.

Finally, the absolute BEST way to go about procuring your own proton pack:

Build One.

You can do it, it's really not that hard, especially with the given resources the world now has between this site and...well...this site. Everything you absolutely need is here and in your head.

Buy some materials, sit down, and get to work!! :D

[Revise]Q. How should I paint the welding goggles?

A. The cheap alternative many people chose to make Ecto Goggles are welding goggles you'd find at a hardware store. See Norm's Ecto Goggles plans in the Equipment section under plans. The problem is the plastic doesn't like to hold paint very well. Norm's plans say to finish the goggles with a Clear Dull Coat or a clear matte finish should be fine. This should eliminate the stickiness the goggles will have once painted the green you want them.

[Revise]Q. What color are the Ecto Goggles?

A. The goggles had long been thought to be black by some people but in both movies, they are in fact a deep military green color. See Reference Photos under the Equipment section for references.

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