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Ghostbusters Fans is proud to present the first full scale Ghostbusters FAQ. We aim to archive all of the questions that are most commonly asked by fans and visitors to our site. This FAQ will be frequently updated by those that know the answers. For a listing of each category covered by this FAQ, please see the main page here.

[Revise]Q. Where does the yellow hose go to?

A. The yellow hose on the uniform remains somewhat in mystery. The hose was connected to the middle of the left thigh through a rubber boot. Where the hose ends up is open to interpretation... in some scenes of Ghostbusters (early filming dates) the hose appears to just wrap around the belt or placed somewhere on the back of the belt. In later scenes (with later filming dates), the hose can be seen going into some kind of connector on the center belt in the rear.

[Revise]Q. What function does the yellow hose serve?

A. Many have compared the yellow hose to that of an Air Force pilots urinary relief system. It's real function in the Ghostbusters Universe is unknown. Many can speculate, but it is open to your own interpretation.

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