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Spirit Slimer Sealer (SSS)
by PHILLIPS -  - in: Other Props
0 Replies
by DancingToaster -  - in: Introductions
2 Replies
by mardin_chatzuk
"The Grundel", from the original ABC broadcast
by Vahan -  - in: Ghostbusters Cartoons
2 Replies
by Macktacular
The real Ghostbusters proton pack electronics
by prestonkay -  - in: Proton Packs
2 Replies
by prestonkay
How did I miss that?!?
by Coover5 -  - in: General Ghostbusters Discussion
747 Replies
by One time
Pchrisbosh1's Scratchbuild GB1 Hero Shell Replica Legendary Edition - UPDATE 8/7/22
by pchrisbosh1 -  - in: Proton Packs
36 Replies
by janderson0719
My Van Horne Pneumatic Transit 3D Model [WIP]
by SpenglerTrance -  - in: Ghostbusters Video Games
13 Replies
by timeware
GB1 and GB2 commentary?
by One time -  - in: General Discussion
1 Replies
by mrmichaelt
GBFans Shop - New Pack Parts, Restocks
by GBFans -  - in: Site Updates
0 Replies
by GBFans
A slime blower of my very own
by troberts289 -  - in: Slime Blowers
34 Replies
by troberts289
Ultra Rare Universal Studios Ghostbusters Showbusters Jacket?
by Megbot3000 -  - in: Collectibles
3 Replies
by toby88
Ghostbusters: Afterlife Sequel News Thread (Potential Afterlife Spoilers)
by mrmichaelt -  - in: Ghostbusters 4 (2024)
692 Replies
by joezlo
Appraisal and Insurance of props . . .
by elimiller -  - in: General Discussion
0 Replies
by elimiller
Broken wand light kit!
by guardiangamer91 -  - in: Proton Packs
0 Replies
by guardiangamer91
Epic Props uk status?
by l3w1sb159 -  - in: General Discussion
23 Replies
by tobycj
Magnoli Clothiers BOOTS: Work in Progress
by Indy Magnoli -  - in: Uniforms
11 Replies
by Indy Magnoli
Spirit Packs keep coming back in stock.
by VenomSymbiote -  - in: Proton Packs
0 Replies
by VenomSymbiote
Anywhere to find the Spirit Halloween walkie talkie, or a cheap alternative?
by VenomSymbiote -  - in: Other Props
9 Replies
by VenomSymbiote
Can you build a pair of Ecto Goggles in 24 hours? (When you're not Adam Savage)
by Holydohnut -  - in: Ecto Goggles
1 Replies
by Holydohnut
Ben of Kent
by Kingpin -  - in: Feedback
18 Replies
by Merrimon

I have a large foam rubber Ghostbusters Slimer pro[…]


Hey welcome! Glad to see more NYC folks in here.

All of the station messages about crack had me cra[…]

alright thats lights taken care of but how would i[…]