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By John Stevens 87
....oh...my...god get this guy a cold one :P look at that beautiful peace of work.i tip my hat to you sir very accurate and great attention to detail.i need to get off my ass and get model making i'm just so busy with my job the boss is riding me and not in a good way :sigh: but this is f-ing sweet :D
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By Havoc0213
Haha thanks John! I hear ya for sure, my boss has been on me too! This model gave me a creative outlet to break away from work and I'm kinda sad it's a few small tweaks away from being done. I guess I'll have to jump on the next model on my list which is Ecto-1! I'll put the rest of 1A's decal sheet to use lol
By EctoTrk
EXCELLENT! Great job with the small details; Adding the yellow and black radome, interior details, using only 1 of the lower bumper rotating lights, tiny wires etc.
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