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By Raystantz Italy
I live in Italy...where can i find the Testors paints that someone of you are using?
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By slaysghosts
You misspelled Tamiya, and just order online. Actually, go to my build thread and I have the part numbers and a link at the top from a guy in Italy who builds amazing models n gives his secrets.

Maybe hobbylinc.com is your best bet I dunno.
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By CaptCyan
slaysghosts wrote:You misspelled Tamiya, and just order online.
I see what you did there. Actually he mispelled Citadel Paints. :lol:

Hey Raystanzz Italy,

If there are any Toy Model Shops or Toy Train Stores near you I would try them first to see what they have. You may wish to look at the labels to see if they are Enamel or Acrylic paints. Acrylic paints are easier to work with and they clean up with soap and water. Just my suggestion.
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By slaysghosts
HA! I saw "last comment- Captcyan minute ago" and said to myself " hes gonna say I wrote Citadel wrong!" Lol touché capt

But I agree w/ shopping at local shops vs online. I suggested that first b/c I figured you asked b/c there wasn't anything around. But support your local hobby shop, they can talk to you and help u too. We have HobbyTownUSA round here and I really enjoy shopping there.
By Raystantz Italy
thank you all guys! I'll let you know if I'll find something near my place :)
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By ProtonCharger
thing is, you all spelled krylon wrong.

totally kidding.
By zombierepellent
I really prefer Tamiya myself. I thin it with rubbing alcohol when spraying thru my airbrush.

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