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I'm a little late on this build but I've basically went with slaysghost build thread. Also slays decals are epic! I've already got the model done I should have started this thread when I started my build but I've been busy with blood test for donating a kidney to my uncle so I haven't had much time to post. I'll have a video of the lights and a guide to show u how to light your ecto soon!
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Thanks slaysghost! I will try to have some pics up soon along with a video once I have some spare time the blood test are taking up a lot of my time along with work so bare with me it's well worth it guys!
Thanks kingpin! And no the strobe bar is cast white like the rest of the model I just scraped the Crome off with a exacto knife and fine sand paper in the 1000's.

Also I'm working on a guide to help others do the same! Wish I took pics as I was building but didn't think of it at the time.
That's freakin' sweet! Are the lights in the the beacon bars rotators? They don't look like the usual blinkers that other people who have lit their models up use.
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Not really but once I get home from my kidney op I plan on getting a supporting membership and plan on lighting others ectos and figures! So if u can get the model and send the parts u want lit up ill beable to do so! The led sign boards will have to have the brass etched parts to be lit up. But my ecto is not for sale it still needs alto of work to finish it.
Hey Jake, I'm just jumping into this build and looking to do the lighting for it as well. I was wondering if it would be possible to get diagrams of your circuit boards to use as a guide when I'm putting mine together. Any help you're able to render is greatly appreciated! That is a mind bogglingly incredible build btdubs!
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Thanks for the interest shaggy! I just use random flashing LEDs no circuit boards. There are sites that sell boards that would fit the light bars on the ecto. I'd try www. Policelightbarmodels.com or www.modelfiedcc.net

As for the sign boards you want the paragrafix brass etch kit you can get that on there site or eBay for around 20 to 25 bucks can't remember what I paid for the kit at this moment. They sell led strip tape that works great in the sign boards.

If you nee any more help just shoot me a pm im always glad to help!

Can't wait to see your build! Good luck!

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