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By GBfan_85
Hey guys, I've been completely inspired by the AWESOME work a lot of you guys having been doing to your models. So I've decided to take on the task of making my own masterpiece. Being new to this site, I don't know if this has been addressed, but does anyone have tips on the best paint brand to use on this model. Also, I WILL be lighting this thing, so if anyone has any tips, that would be appreciated as well. Thanks guys and wish me luck!!
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By Fritz
I dunno if it's the "best", but I've gotten a lot of mileage out of good old Testors Model Master acrylics. The sole exception on my own ECTO-1 build was some of the chrome trim and other "metal" parts, where I used Model Master Enamel--because acrylic metallics don't seem to work as well.

Heck, if you're really interested, under the spoiler is the complete list of paints I used:
[1181] Aluminum
[1790] Chrome Silver
[4636] Flat Clear
[4637] Semi-Gloss Clear
[4638] Gloss Clear
[4658] Clear Blue
[4696] Gloss White
[4752] Gunship Grey
[4757] Neutral Grey
[4766] Camoflage Grey
[4768] Flat Black
[4769] Flat White
[4785] Rust
[4852] Zinc Chromate

I also had a set of paints that I don't think they make anymore, an Acrylic paint set with a stock number of 9186, containing eighteen small color "cups". The ones from it I used:
Gloss Yellow
Gloss Green
Gloss Medium Blue
Gloss Red
Flat Red
Silver (combined with 4768 to make "Steel")
This Post Contains Spoilers
By GBfan_85
Very cool! Thanks for the details! You wouldn't happen to know how to build the little yellow bullet shaped thing toward the back of the roof rack would you? (It's white on the Ecto-1 and yellow on the 1A)

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