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By Slotman
This is my Ecto1A model kit turned slot car. There are 31 LED lights both flashing and constant to create the proper effect. Paragrafix sign kit and a Hallmark ornament were used. The ornament donated it's sound chip so the car can play the theme song. The chassis is a parma fcr, extended to fit the wheelbase and the car is powered by a parma 16d motor.
I thought this was going to be for the 1A from the hobby lobby racer set, but HOLY SMOKES it's actually the ertl kit, right? This is the first time I think ANYONE has equipped that model with lights, and it is gorgeous! The fact that you can drive that thing around is even cooler.

This is absolutely amazing.
By Slotman
Thank you for the compliments.

Boomerjinks, she is a beast of a model. 1/24 scale, almost 10 inches long and very heavy for a slot car. I've seen someone else light one, I think on youtube, but it wasn't a slot car.

Kingpin, the chrome on the hood is actually just silver paint. The light gives it a shine in the pic. The fins are done with chrome foil. I used a straight edge ruler and xacto knife to cut thin strips out of the sheet, about 5 strips to do both sides and a healthy dose of patience.
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By Slotman
Thanks, morydees! I have built a few movie cars into slot cars, but this is my first with lights. Ryan at Blue Line Diecast made the light bars to my specs using some of the original kit parts and some custom from his shop. All I had to do was drill the appropriate holes in the body and solder up the wires.

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