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Yesterday I completed my first model car kit - the Ecto 1A. It was a really fun to build, and I'm pretty happy with the results.

I'll try to post some photos of it when I get a chance, but for now I thought I would share a video of it composited on the road driving around, which is short, but pointless :) The car wasn't lit well enough, which is why there is still remnants of the green screen. Due to the poor lighting the shutter speed was 1/48 of a second, as opposed to the minimum of 1/250 which it should've been at. I was anxious to get this video done, but I'm planning on assembling the Ecto 1 snap kit soon, so I'll make sure to take my time and light it properly if I make it a video.

While building it I couldn't figure out where one of the chrome pieces went (the instructions were at times mildly confusing.) After I had the car all glued up I was looking at photos of the 1A from the film, and noticed that the chrome piece was supposed to go right on the windshield, so it was disappointing that I had omitted it. While filming the car hit the camera and the body popped off of the chassis (both car and camera were fine,) so I actually got a chance to see what the piece looked like on the windshield before I glued the car back together. It turned out I didn't like how the piece looked on the windshield and ended up omitting it anyways.

Here's a tip: I found it was better to put the tail fin decals on the tail fins first, and then poke the two holes in it to put on the chrome piece, instead of putting the chrome piece on first. I only did that on the right tail fin, on the left one I tried to cut the decal to fit around the chrome, and kind of butchered it.

I hope you like the car :love:
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DrAivEn50 wrote:Yep it's really fun to build! It's sad that they didn't put all the equipment labels in the box and the interior equipment of the Ecto-1. Hope to see your video! :cool:
It would've been nice to have all of the interior stuff, and it's too bad you can't build it accurately as the Ecto-1, but at least there is an Ecto-1 Snap Kit.

Here's the video, the green screen work isn't the best, but I hope to redo it someday and make it better :)
Commander_Jim wrote:Great looking model. Very clean.

I just finished the same build but I'm not happy with it. I think I might use it for spare parts and start over with a new kit.
Thanks! It was the first one I've ever built.

I hope your second kit turns out the way you want it to :)

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