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By Matt Campbell
Aside from also posting this in the Wanted Forum I wasn't sure where else to post this, but since this is model kit related I figured this would be the place despite not being directly 1A related.

So I picked up 2 of the Ecto 1A rerelease kits when they first came out with every intention of putting them together, but aside from painting some of the parts while still attached to the parts tree I never actually did put them together and they've just sat in their boxes.

I've recently come across and watched some YouTube videos about people building these kits and 2 or 3 about builds of the snap together Ecto 1 kits, and I think I'm finally going to give kits a go. And now to go along with my 2 1A kits I recently came across and bought one of the snap together Ecto 1 kits and ended up being gifted a more recent release of the same kit that now includes a Slimer figure and more detailed equipment decals. So having 2 of each kit I ended up deciding on trying to do a movie accurate version of each car, and doing the 1A from the beginning of the IDW monthly comics run (basically the exact same car but with the original GB logo as opposed to the GB 2 and blue beacon bars like the Ecto 1) with the 2nd 1A kit and attempting a Video Game 1B with the 2nd snap together Ecto 1.

In doing the movie accurate 1 and 1A & the IDW 1A I already have all that I need decals and parts wise, and with the snap kit itself and all the decals I have for the 1As with the ones packaged in the kits and the ones I got from Slayghosts I have more than enough for the body decals for the 1B. However if I truly want to have an accurate Ecto 1B I would need the proper roof rack equipment and license plate decals and 2 parts that clearly don't come in any of kits that being the Super Slammer Trap and a slightly scaled down version of the 1A satellite dish to complete the 1B.

But getting to the point. I have searched on eBay and I have done Google searches but other than pictures from pre release marketing and in game screen shots I haven't come up with anything for the 2 parts and license plate & roof rack decals I need, so is there anybody in the community that has made these decals or 3D printed the 2 missing parts so that I and other like minded community members could complete an in game accurate Ecto 1B?

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