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By TheBigGuy
Nolen, are you still getting the group emails? A message went out about getting a meeting together this month, but a date/time hasn't been nailed down.
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By egie
I think I am still part of it but I never got that email. Thanks for letting me know, I will look for it.
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By GohstTarp
Hello Portland Ghostbusters -

I'm looking to get to know other Portland-based Ghostbusters and am interested in joining your group. I'm a 36 y.o. Linux engineer and a longtime fan of the Ghostbusters. Besides meeting other local fans, my goal is to put together a full GB1 outfit, including proton pack and belt gizmo with an emphasis on screen accuracy, but not obsessively so :)

My plan is to tackle the uniform first. I'm currently deciding between the TRU-SPEC Flight Suit and a custom made Gibson & Barnes Flight Suit, so I'll continue to read the threads and do my research. So much to learn!

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By GohstTarp
RoseCityBuster wrote:Welcome! We will be having a meeting soon so we'll keep you posted. We'd love to meet you!
Thank you... same here! Really looking forward and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

I've been working on collecting parts and items for my Uniform. I decided to go with an XL-Long Tru-Spec because of the convenience, value and color. I'm 6'2" and ~200lbs, so it seems like it could work, but if not I can always look into a Gibson and Barnes custom suit.
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By ecto85
Indeed ....I had a great time as well. I also can't for my first bust. Fellow pdx ghostbuster feel free to add me to friend list or let me know if I can add you.
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By egie
It was great meeting you guys! I had fun, it was a good meeting as always.
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By evallded
Hello Portland!!!
By pseadynamo
Hello Portland GB group! This is Dave in Seattle with ECGB just wondering who will be at RCCC Saturday 9/19 and who is going Sunday? I'll be wandering around 2-3 hrs both days. No Ernie this year so I expect the turnout will be maybe half as many Ghostbusters... cool that Carrie Fisher is going to be there and with the two Power Ranger celebrities I bet there are tons of those cosplayers backflipping and running around
By AubreySparks
Hey guys, it looks like this thread hasn't been used in a year but I am wondering if the Portland Ghostbusters group is still active? I am just now getting into the concept and have some stuff coming in the mail to start working on an outift and was hoping this is still a thing. :)
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By evallded
Hi there

Yes we are still an active group. We just have a more efficient way of communicating. I will have someone reach out to you:)
By Ecto-1 fan
No discussion in the last 4 years. :-|
Seeing the new Afterlife pictures reminded me of last Halloween. I found a local abandoned house and was allowed to get some pictures by the owner. It was a lot of fun, and several people stopped to see what was happening.

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