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By Merrimon
What's up folks! New to the site here and seen some North Carolina ghostheads around, but haven't interacted with anyone yet. Anyone here from North Carolina?

I've seen the NCGB Facebook page but I'm not on Facebook anymore so wanted to see if anyone here was in the Raleigh area so I could make some new friends! If so, shoot me a PM and let's connect!
Hey Merrimon,
Super late reply, but I'm in Durham and want to get a Durham chapter going. Even have the name (Bull City Busters) and logo (poorly hand-drawn, but you get the idea, and yes, that IS the ghost of Wool E. Bull, the Durham Bulls baseball mascot).

I know Raleigh isn't Durham, but hey, it's close enough!

PM me if interested, I'm ready to believe!

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