For users in Canada. Eh?
Toronto, Ontario
Grad Humber College in Electromechanical Engineering (Robotics and automation controls)
Dreams of making things that don't seem like they ought to exist at all in a personally-run workshop. and possibly food
I live in Toronto (East York represent!) though I'm here in Edmonton for the month working on a show. Nice to see so many Canuck 'busters on this site!
Is there an expo in Edmonton? I'm up here doing a show at the Citadel Theatre. I've got 2 shows that day but I'd love to meet up with the Legend that is PssdffJay!
I don't know about legend, but the smart ass PssdffJay will be there.

The expo is all weekend Friday to Sunday but our crew from Calgary is going up on Sunday. Hopefully the Etown boys and girls show up too. What time are your shows?
Dude, you are a legend in my book. I've been reading all your posts regarding your uniform & pack builds! You're an artist, sir, and an incredible inspiration & resource for this noob. My shows are at 1:30 & 7:30 but they're only an hour & a half long. Is the expo downtown?
The Edmonton Expo is held at the Edmonton Expo Centre which is located across the street from Rexal Place on Wayne Gretzky Dr & 118th Ave which is where the Oilers and Oil Kings play. I'm only going on Saturday this year, I'll be in gear and with my family, so I won't see the Calgary boys this go around.
I'm working Sunday that's why we're going Saturday, I keep thinking one of these days I'll finally meet up with other local Busters, but so far it just hasn't been in the cards yet.
Hi. I'm new to the site but a longtime fan. I'm in search of the fans in and around Toronto. I've organized a screening at the Colossus in Vaughan with all the proceeds being donated to the SickKids Foundation. Info can be found at

I'm also hoping someone in the area might have an Ecto - if you do, please contact me. I'd love for it to make an appearance to add to the atmosphere.

Thanks all!
Ladies and Gentlemen! Saskatchewan Ghostbusters is up and running, progressing a bit more each day! Check out our thread and we'd love to hear from all the Saskatchewan Members, and members from all over Canada if they know anyone out here in the Prairies! Once we get solidified, we'd love to organize meets/events with Busters from Alberta/BC! We'll also be trying our hardest to make FanExpo's in Toronto alongside The Ontario Ghostbusters!

I'm a lifelong Ghostbusters fan from Edmonton (although I'm in Ottawa temporarily until the end of December). I'm Interested in all the cool events and discussion posted on here and I'm starting to do some research on how to build a proton pack. Having seen Todd Whalen's video on YouTube <>, I might have to ask him (somehow) how I can get in touch with his friend Carlo... That pack looks absolutely perfect. Anyway, really looking forward to being part of this community!
Welcome aboard!
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