For users in Canada. Eh?
By kaotic86
Hey! We've been invited to take part in Santa's Parade of Lights in Orleans by the owner of the Mayfair Theatre. They have a float this year and would like us to join them! If anybody's interested could you please PM me asap? Thanks!


When: Saturday, November 26th, 2011 at 6pm
Route: St. Joseph Blvd (from Youville Drive to Prestone Drive
i would love to go and meet dan the man but i would be more then just a lil embarrased showing up with the kinda packs were gonna be wearing. our stuff right now kinda looks like a blind man made then. oh wait, it was an almost blind guy that made them. i am ordering patches, flightsuits and belts from this site next month and were still working on our ecto. i'm gonna think alot more about going to this. would be nice to meet some other fellow ghostheads from the area.
me, my bro and our wives might go up. depends on if we can get this ecto done. if so we were planning on driving it up. i know there might be haters when they see it but it's still gonna be a wip. now this is probably a dumb question but does dan sign just the bottles he sells or would he sign say my pke meter? i only ask because i don't drink but would have no problem buying the bottle here in my home town and bring it up for him to sign but i'd rather have him sing my pke meter (the ecto would just be wishful thinking). not trying to sound greedy or anything. it's just more a personal choice since my sight is very low i would hate to accidentally knock over the glass bottle.
By venkman30
myself and a few other family members are gonna probably be going. not going up in any gear tho as nothing is totally ready yet. won't be bringing our ecto either as it not complete yet either. sure will be neat to see yous all done up in your gear tho.
By venkman30
got a few questions for anyone who can help out with them. 1. what time should ppl show up for this? and 2. will they be selling any of the bottles there and if so does anyone know how much they are? been looking at these and would really like to get one. also on a different topic just got my flight suit so thinking about wearing that up and bringing the pke meter in it's crate to try to get signed. thanks and hope to see some of yous there.
By venkman30
hopefully some of yous will be bringing your packs. sure would be awesome to see a real pack in person. i will be like a kid in a candy store if anyone brings a real pack.(not a thrown together pack like what i have) as for the going out for supper i would not be able to do that as a result of one of my health issues. but we will have to see how the day goes. can't wait till saturday now. hey by any chance would any of yous have any extra name badges? looking for a venkman or a spengler patch. just thought i would ask.
By venkman30
it was an awesome day. i got to meet some of yous. the gear yous had was absolutely awesome. just still regret forgetting my suit tho. next time tho. hope to possibly see some of yous again in the future.
By kaotic86
I had such an awesome time getting to meet everybody in person! C'était FANTASTIQUE!! Hope to see you all in the near future! And venkman30...I want to see photos of your ecto when you're done! Please! :D

Almost forgot, the photos I managed to take: ... d=14009448
By venkman30
no problem. wireing should take place this week coming up hopefully. rack is almost ready to be mounted. i can't wait. it's just the excitement of driving around in an ecto. ya some might call me a dork but this dork has an ecto. lol. but again i can't say how great is was to see and meet yous at the LCBO. again yous look great and all had very impressive suits and equipment and personalities. thanks again to those for letting me take a close look at your packs. simply an awesome time. can't wait to do something like this again. i had such a great time.
By drcaron
It was very good day to meeting you all hope we will do again ,I was happy to look at the reation of ones that was meet Dan Aykroyd for the first time .

kaotic86,If you need volunter for this year Santa's Parade I be in ,since 2007 I wante to participed hope this is my years .

thank for sharing the pictures .

hey everyone. how is everyone doing? any crazy busts going on lately? so i was just wondering if any ghost heads happen to meet up in the summer around the ottawa area? i wouldn't mind going up to ottawa sometime this summer with my ecto and meeting up with some of the ghost heads i met up in ottawa for the bottle signing. my ecto is coming along very nicely as far as i am concerned. if anyone is interested in seeing what my ecto looks like sofar please visit my facebook group. it's under Brockville Ghostbusters. if any of yous do happen to meet up in the summer please let me know as i would love to see some of those awesome packs again.
So just wondering if there has or will be anything going on for any ghost heads in the Ottawa area? My ecto has been a huge hit. It gets attention everywhere it goes. Would like to maybe meet up with any other busters sometime. Only thing I'm missing for the ecto is a pack. My home job pack just isn't coming along like I hoped it would. But still get lots of attention with the car.

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