For users in Canada. Eh?
Some shots of the first semi-official MGB meet up (the NS part anyway lol) for the new GB2016 movie :love:

and Mellie epic failed, no jumpsuit or GB shirt to speak of, so I loaned her my PKE

I was first on the scene suited up

After Ethan got changed

Strike a pose!

We had to at least try crossing the streams!

Ben arrives channeling his inner Fonzy

And finally four of the MGBs together
Well folks, behind the scenes it's been a hell of a year as we've slowly been forming and gathering members, equipment, etc etc, and the MGBs are going to be in *almost* full force come Nov 5th for Hal-Con 2016!!!

Hopefully Mel will remember her jumpsuit this time ;)
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By Noremon
InfiniTTTy wrote:Hey gang.

I'm in! I filled out the questionnaire that came with the CBC article and have beed chatting with Shayne in Moncton.

Good times ahead!
What is this questionnaire? :-D I'm hoping to join in this fun [I'm Annapolis Valley]!

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