Trying to mod a walmart trap by adding a accurate pedal to it and running new wiring from the circuit board to the switch from the original pedal. I some minor soldering experience, but I really need help figuring out how to add a few new LEDs to the trap/pedal combo. First, I want to add a red LED to the pedal and have it activate when the switch on the pedal is pressed, I tried soldering an LED to the switch but it didn't light up. Also, I want to change the green LEDs on the trap to multi color ones. I swapped one out and the one green LED left and the new multi color LED worked, but when I changed the other green LED to another multi color LED they then both didn't work. The multi color LEDs are 3-4v which I'm guessing is the issue due to only 2 AA batteries running the whole trap but don't know how to go about adding more power. Any help anyone can provide would be awesome!

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