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By devilmanozzy
I found this in the "Ghostbusters II: Activity Fun Box" in one of the puzzle books.


I don't know if this has already been addressed here, but what happened here? All the books in the box kit used this design for the Giga Meter. I would just discount this as either a bad translation or misinformed guess, but the color book in the kit also recounts the scene with Ray driving crazy and the Statue of Liberty being put back. I think the information in the kit is based on the storyboards for Ghostbusters II (and early ones at that). So what is going on here?


I don't know if everyone here already knows but this information is not included on the Gbfans equipment page as far as I can see.
This device appears to look like a type of "Radiation Detector Geiger Counter". ... =&aql=&oq=

It doesn't look perfectly like any on the results, but some look similar to the device above.
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By d_osborn
the giga meter was supposed to look totally different. the early version was designed by steve dane for the film and the production had gotten a quote to have it built. i'm guessing it was way cheaper and faster to rent the film-used version from modern props.
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By d_osborn
ShadesMcPherson wrote:Is there any more info on the pre-pro design? Any sketches that were drawn up? I'd love to get a look at it.
i have several large photocopies of the designs shoved away in a closet... as far as i know, these are the only shots online.

funny enough, i'm guessing that unused design is where THIS came from....
***images stolen from ebay. i don't make it a habit to photograph things on a bare mattress.

    I wish they would rerelease this.

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