By Dwolf1911
So I've been wanting to do this for a while now and finally got around to doing it. Using a box lantern style flash light and a spinning LED globe toy, I've made an inexpensive custom Giga Meter for approximately $15-$20. I separated the toy into 2 pieces; the battery compartment and the motor. I then cut a circular hole in the emptied flash light body for mounting the globed motor. I extended the wiring form the 2 halves of the toy and connected it to the existing flash light power switch. I did improperly wire thus damaging the whole set up the first time but the next day was able to get a 2nd globe toy and redo the same setup. I did have to split and re-glue the globe to mount it properly. The probes on the front are 2 thread spools glued to 2.5" bolts. After carefully drilling 2 holes in the flash light lens, they are directly bolted to the front. The LED display is a calculator screen glued on. I used a metallic red sharpie to write on the reading. Yes that is the reading Egon :sigh: was getting from the surface when they found the river of slime, 2.5. :angryvigo: I've posted Pics in the Props section.

MODERATOR EDIT: here's a link:
nice build, did you consider trying to make a housing for the display? just something to hide the glue? Another suggestion is to blend the globe into the main body, bondo would work but would take time. Either way it looks neat.
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By AZspidey
Boomerjinks wrote:I'm wondering who is going to be the first person to attempt swapping out the leds on those toys for the right colors.
Already did it. It is what I use in my giga for the spinning dome lights. Its kinda difficult because the soldering on the board is real crappy and will break easy if you are not careful.

    I wish they would rerelease this.

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