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By Alan Hawkins
OK, so I have been trying to upload these picks to the props section and the Java applet does not show in Firefox and it causes IE to crash. Anyone run into this problem?

Anyway, we are still working on our Proton Packs (Four at once) and today was supposed to be a build day but everyone crapped out on me. So I thought I might have a little fun and go grab a spinning pumpkin light I saw at Walgreens the other day. Since I am up to my armpits in pink foam I decided to carve it out of that. I know it is not accurate but I tried to hit the beats of the look.


You can see the build on my flickr here ... 797185860/
By Gareee
Thats a great base. Just fill the issues with elmer's wood putty, and give it a few gesso coats to make it more durable.

That makes me want to try to make one! I hadn't thought about using insulation foam to make one.
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By Alan Hawkins
Thanks guys!

@Ghosthead - You were right about wood filler. The styro stuff works but it is more expensive and not as easy to work with.

Yep, filled in all the breaks today and ready for Mod-Podge. The only thing I wish I did was make the whole deal smaller. Now back to Proton Packs.

    I wish they would rerelease this.

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