Yeah, it looks like an old, cheap flight case--very common in film, video, and audio production. I honestly wouldn't be shocked if that's what the prop rental came in.

The dimensions are off, but this is similar. I didn't see any model numbers, but it might put you on the right road for finding a match. Some of the higher end cases will have handles and latches that are flush with the body. I've also seem similar cases at Harbor Freight.

Probably not the correct box, but it's good enough for me. I was passing a vintage camera shop in Manchester and saw this sat in the window. I asked how much and he said he'd sell it me for £8, I couldn't pass it up. I've modified the existing foam in there and the giga is snug in there :)



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Nice job you did on fitting the Giga to the existing holes in the foam!

I just now wandered into this section for the first time in months, didn't see your thread on making a Giga til just now, excellent job.

I would love to own one of those.

I was actually kinda hoping Matty would do that instead of the thrower.

PJCGB98 wrote:Where can I get a Gigameter Shell?
AZ Spidey made casts of the Scrub n Buffer shells a while back, I was lucky to get one from a friend who was selling his. Think he sold completed giga shells but not sure if he's still making them.

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