By Bob Wobbaz
I've recently come into possession of a Scrub n' Buffer shell and will very soon be beginning work on converting it into a gigameter. I'm excited to get started on this as the giga is my holy grail in terms of props, ever since seeing GB2 when I was three I have wanted one. Naturally I want to do the best job I can with it and retain all the functions of the original.

I've sketched out some rough ideas on how I plan to make all the functions possible, microphone movement, spinning dome etc. Having the shell in hand the giga is a lot smaller than it seems on screen and space is going to be very tight inside, particularly in the microphone attachment.

I've already began searching for suitable motors that will power the dome and the microphones but was wondering if anyone might have any suggestions? Size is the main factor, i'm trying to find a small yet powerful motor that can fit in the microphone attachment. The RPM seems to be an issue too, though I've seen some really dinky motors, their used in mobile phones as the vibrate and the RPM is way to high, the microphones would be a blur!

If anyone can point me in the right direction i'd appreciate the help :cool:
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By Tyrael
I'm going to be using small servos for the ears and a basic Radioshack motor to spin the dome.

Out of curiosity, where'd you find the scrubber? I've been watching eBay for months with no luck.
By Bob Wobbaz
Can servos be made to move back and forth continually? That may be a route to go. My scrub n buffer shell is a resin cast one that Kingpin sold me, as I understand he had it for some time but never did anything with it. Needs some clean up and modifying to make it right but its a really nice shell. Reason I'm trying to go as small and compact as I can with the motors is I have the idea of fitting a random number generator to in the read out screen

Yeah the main dome I'm going with a standard maplin motor in mine, I've figured out how I'm getting the dome to spin with the lights :)

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