By gbfhs
I have developed a new interest in the giga meter, but i have not yet had time to watch GB2 and i dont want to spoil it by ficking through it to find the part when then giga meter is seen, so can anyone tell me the approx time when it is seen. Thanks
By dKiD Clue
you havent seen gb2?
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By gbfhs
Well thats not entirely true, what i should have said is i havent seen it since it first come out, but now i cannot remember it at all. Its as if i havent seen it, so i dont want to spoil it. I want to unplug the phone switch off my mobile, shut down the computer and sit down with a beer when everybody has gone out and watch it and not be disturbed at all.
By dKiD Clue
dude you need to not worry about a giger and put in the movie
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By Kingpin
The "right time"?

I actually popped in the movie last night to remind myself of its appearances in Ghostbusters II, sadly though I wouldn't be of any help with specific time codes.

What I can give you however, is a rare video of one of the Giga Meter prop's few outside of Ghostbusters appearances, a promotional video for the L.A. Blue Line with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which should provide some good reference:

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    I wish they would rerelease this.

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