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The on screen exerpts are taken from these 1904 real life books:

"They had no fire and sent two messengers, Kuratje and Kanmari, towards the east"

"Prometheus (a son of the Titan Japetos), who had previously identified himself with
the cause of humanity in a dispute that arose at Mekone
(Sikyon) as to the rightful share of the gods in all sacrifices
offered to them."

"Manual of mythology : Greek and Roman, Norse, and old German, Hindoo and Egyptian mythology"
by Murray, A. S. (Alexander Stuart), 1841-1904"

https://archive.org/stream/manualofmyth ... r_djvu.txt


"They were beautiful maidens . George of Trebizond , a Greek philosopher of the fifteenth century , saw one in the open sea"

"the ways of nature, and to wrench from her the scerets of her innermost"

"Encyclopedia of superstitions, folklore, and the occult sciences of the world"
-Cora Linn Daniels 1903"

http://iapsop.com/ssoc/1903__daniels_st ... ____v3.pdf

The books are >100 years old so are public domain now. 1070 pages total.
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