By charliework1984
Hey all,
Relatively new to the board - really enjoying my time here!
I have a quick question: I'm building a GB2 uniform (the darker one) and when it comes to the pistol belt extras was wondering where I can find the V-shaped and D-shaped belt fobs/keychains similar to those used in the film?
The first film fobs are easy to source from GBFans' shop, but not these specific ones. Any help would be much appreciated!
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By hawkbatsquadron
I found these at an industrial supply company. I'm not sure about the size, can someone help me out with the correct dimensions?

These are load bearing Parachute Harness V-rings.
This one seems to be the closest
Width Measurement
This is the real world item
I wonder if they cut one of these into a belt loop with a black strap?

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