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You all the know how infamous that scene is, even though I am not a fan of it. Although, I am interested what her backstory was. Where did she came from, how did she die and how she ended up with Ray. Loved to see someone make this into a short story or a short film in live action or animated. Here’s my pitch, and if anyone has a better idea feel free. Here it goes: In the script where Ray says he’s in love with a ghost who’s been dead for 150 years. So it would take place in 1834 during the Liberal Wars like that military outfit that Ray wore. It features this beautiful French girl as she has a man in her life who resembles Ray as this is supposed to be one of his ancestors. She kind and gentle. It shows her final hours on what happened to her as her lover heads to war after they well make love together. Then another man who tries to steal her but she rejects him because she believes her man will return. He does so, after fighting the war and sees her woman is about to be raped. They fight and she gets killed by the bad guy. This gets her man ticked off, and they both die by stabbing each other. He goes to her true love and they say one final words together. We were lost, and found together at last. Dead and cut to 1984 as it leads to Ray and Winston heading down Fort Detmerring and you know where it leads up to. So that’s what I can think of. If you have something better feel free. I don’t know what names I can named them but feel free.
One last thing, I also loved to see someone make a cosplay out of the dream ghost/Fort Detmerring ghost. Based off on these images. Image
Updated my backstory pitch for the Fort Detmerring/Dream Ghost. Here it goes and see if this is any better than my last one. Her backstory takes place in 1834 during the Liberal Wars, and features this beautiful French woman in her late 20s as she is 27 years old like what the original actress was when she played her. She is in love with a man, who resembles like Ray Stantz, and shows they are in love. Her name is Giselle, because I thought it seems right for a French girl. Instead of a villain or her getting raped as I originally wrote. Instead she is having this terrible illness that is making her sick. A rare disease like no other. Her boyfriend has been assigned to go to war, doesn’t want to leave her. Giselle insists that he must. He promised her that he will return. As the war goes, the doctors try to keep her well, but she kept getting worse. He returned from war, as he sees Giselle in bed, but doctors tell him that she didn’t make it. Broke his heart, but sees a letter as she written about how much she loved him and tells him one that they will be together again. At the end, we are in 1984 as Ray and Winston headed down to the Fort Detmerring and you know where the rest goes. Let me know if you find my second idea better than my first one. If not, let me know if you have something better. Thank you. I like to see someone tackled this into a short film in live action or animated. Also, on my last post, I still love to see someone make a cosplay out of it. Thank you, again.

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